Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (2023)

Flying the American flag on your property is one of the most patriotic things you can do. A flagpole is a great way to display this symbol of liberty and liberty proudly, and if you're like us, you definitely wouldn't want to display this symbol of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on a foreigner. made mast. .

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (1)

The good news is that our team has done a lot of research and created a list of the most reputable USA made flag poles. Most of the brands featured on this list have been manufacturing in America and hiring American workers for decades.

Please note that there is no way our team could have tested every American made flag pole on the market, but we own and configure many so we will do our best to give you our unbiased opinion. Also, there is no such thing as a "best" pole because everyone's situation and style preference is a little different.


  • List of flagpoles made in the United States
    • 1. EZPOLE Flagpoles (Best Value)
    • 2. Annin Antlers (most iconic brand and solar options)
    • 3. Eder Masts (Heavy Duty Sectional Options)
    • 4. Mast Farm Titan Flagpoles (Great Telescoping Options)
    • 5. Concord American Flagpoles
    • 6. Grace Alley (Tangle Free Best Poles)
    • 7. Rosa Rushmore
    • 8. Allied flag
    • 9. Masts of Liberty
    • 10. American Flagpole and Flag Co (Great Reputation)
    • 11. Flag and standard
    • 12. Deposit of Veterans Flags
    • 13. Manufacture of telescopic poles
    • 14. American Flag and Pole Company (great business options)
    • 15. Masts, &c.

List of flagpoles made in the United States

1. EZPOLE Flagpoles (Best Value)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (2)

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originEastlake, OH
Founded in2017
Residential sizes offered6', 17', 21'

EZPOLE Origin and Manufacturing Places

Father and son founded the company EZPOLE almost 20 years ago in the state of Ohio. They saw an opportunity in the market because most poles were made of thin materials that tended to rust, causing the poles to bend or completely fall apart over time. They wanted to come up with a solution and also look for a way to reduce or eliminate the noise caused by metal clips hitting the flag pole. They created EZPOLE flagpoles to fix the aforementioned quality issues, and their quality products basically marketed themselves, leading to massive growth for the company.

Looking for a way to give back to their community, EZPOLE has partnered with Stop Soldier Suicide and they donate a portion of their sales each month to this worthy cause. When you shop at Ezpole, you are also helping to donate to this cause. Overall I was very impressed with the spirit of the company and the care they put into their antlers. They offer sectional and telescoping options in all of the most popular sizes. All of their masts and accessories are 100% made in the USA at their factory in Eastlake, Ohio.

Selection and offers of EZPOLE flagpoles

EZPOLE offers many styles of poles, but their two most popular models by far are the Defender and Liberty poles. The Defender pole is a sectional pole system with no ropes to tangle and a free spin system to prevent the flag from tangling around the pole. Without a rope, there will be no annoying clatter from the clips hitting the pole. The Defender Series flagpole also features dual polycarbonate swivels if you want to fly two flags at the same time.

The Ezpole Liberty mast is a telescopic mast with the "No Drop Posi-Loc" system. This system is a double locking mechanism that prevents the mast from collapsing that can occur with less expensive telescoping masts. Liberty poles also come with 360 degree swivel to keep your flag flying. You won't have to constantly go out and unwrap the flag from the pole.

If you are on a budget or looking for a simple but high quality flagpole, Ezpole also has traditional rope halyard poles. These poles are sectional for ease of installation and feature longer inserts than most manufacturers for added strength and stability in high wind conditions. Overall, EZPOlE easily makes some of the best flag poles made in the USA, and if you don't believe me, watch the video below.

Here is a video showing the EZPOLE Defender's mast weathering category four hurricane force winds.

2. Annin Antlers (most iconic brand and solar options)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (3)

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originRoseland, Nova Jersey
Founded in1847
Residential sizes offered20, 21, 25, 30, 35, 40' (and solar options)
MaterialsAluminum, fiberglass

Annin origin and manufacturing locations

Of all the companies on this list, Annin Flagmakers is easily the most iconic. Annin Flagmakers has been making quality American flags since 1847, some of which have appeared at some of the most historically significant events in the United States. Annin flags have flown at presidential inaugurations from Zachary Taylor to George W. Bush. An Annin flag was placed over President Abraham Lincoln's coffin, and an Annin flag was used on the Apollo mission to the moon in 1969.

Annin Flagmakers not only make great quality American flags, they also manufacture and sell flagpoles now. Their flags and poles are manufactured at their manufacturing facilities in South Boston, Virginia and Coshocton, Ohio. They also hire over 500 American workers. Personally, I don't think their big poles are as good as their flags, but they still get the job done and are available in many sizes and styles.

Annin Flagpole selection and offers

Annin Flagmakers have a lot of options when it comes to flagpoles, so whether you're looking for a 20-foot flagpole or a smaller solar-powered flagpole, Annin has you covered. Their poles are quite light compared to many other poles on the market, and I find them very easy to install. You shouldn't have any problems installing them on your own. Fiberglass poles are coated with white gel so that bright white will shine in your landscape for years to come. Fiberglass is also non-conductive, so you won't have to worry about lightning hitting your pole during a storm.

Its anodized aluminum telescoping poles feature a No-Drop Posi-Lock system that keeps the pole locked in place and won't accidentally drop. They feature swivel clips to keep your flag flying without tangling in windy conditions. For a truly sharp look with the convenience of a portable, easy-to-move telescopic pole, you should check out the Annin Telescopic Pole.

They also have steel poles that can be mounted on tires for transport or mounted in the ground. If you want to take the flag with you when camping, hiking or to sporting events, bring the pole with tire rack. You can show your support for America wherever you go.

Annin also has top mounted solar flag pole lights. When the American flag is displayed at night, it must be illuminated. Instead of taking the flag down every night and raising it again in the morning, get a solar light for the pole. The lights are bright, powering the flag for over 8 hours, turning off during the day and recharging to fly the flag 24/7 without maintenance.

Here is a nice video of the assembly of the Annin Villager III flagpole. They also have many other 20-foot residential poles, but this is the only model I found that had a video showing its installation. Their 6-foot Model 238 mast is also one of the most popular masts around right now.

3. Eder Masts (Heavy Duty Sectional Options)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (4)

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originOak Creek, Wisconsin
Founded in1887
Residential sizes offered20, 25'

Eder Flag Places of Origin and Manufacture

The Eder Flag Company was founded in 1887 in Wisconsin by seven Eder brothers. They started producing cushions, streamers, hunting jackets and even dolls. It wasn't until 1903 that they started producing American flags. The company thrived, and in 2016, it turned the business over to employees, transforming the country's largest flag and pole manufacturer into a wholly employee-owned company. As aa member of the FMAA, you know that your products use American materials and workmanship.

During one of America's darkest hours, when the World Trade Center collapsed, three firefighters raised an Eder flag to let everyone know that Americans might have taken a terrible blow, but they would not be defeated. This historic flag was later donated to the 9/11 museum and is still on display today. Today, the company also manufactures some of the highest quality commercial and residential masts.

Eder Flagpole Selection and Offers

As mentioned above, Eder Flags offers both residential and commercial flagpoles. For your residential needs, Eder has 20' and 25' sectional aluminum masts. They come with everything you need and don't require any special tools, which means they can be easily installed without professional help. If you're willing to do a little manual labor, there's no need to hire an installer to get these majestic poles in your backyard.

If you are looking for something more resistant or live in a windy area, Eder also offers smaller commercial poles. These come in sizes ranging from 15' tall to 25' and larger. Different finish and color options are offered on commercial poles, but you will also pay a higher price for the finishes and commercial strength these poles offer. Commercial flagpoles offer much greater wind speed resistance than residential flagpoles, but are more expensive.

For most people, 20- to 25-foot residential poles will do the job. Compared to many other US-made necks, they are a little more expensive, but I think they are worth the investment.

Here's a great video of aEder Flag 25 foot flagpole installed on YouTube. The company also offers small 20-foot poles. Below, a little more information about the company and its long history in the United States.

4. Mast Farm Titan Flagpoles (Great Telescoping Options)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (5)

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Mastro Farm Shop

originmeridian identification
Founded in2017
Residential sizes offered15, 20 e 25'

Mastro Farm Places of Origin and Manufacture

Located in the heart of Meridian, Idaho is Flagpole Farm. They don't grow vegetables or raise livestock, but since 2017 Flagpole Farm has been making and selling American-made poles. It is a small American family owned business specializing in the manufacture and shipment of commercial and residential masts in the United States. Its signature products include Titan Telescopic Masts and Titan Solar Lights.

Flagpole Farm Pole Selection and Deals

Telescopic masts. With a telescoping pole, you can take them down when a heavy storm is brewing, unlike long, permanent, solid steel poles that can bend or break in high winds. Even if you leave your telescoping pole up year-round, they offer more flexibility and performance than traditional poles, making them a safer, more reliable option for showing off your American heritage.

A telescoping pole is made from different interlocking sections of metal tube that slide into each other. With the Flagpole Farm Telescoping Pole, you won't have to worry about the flag wrapping around the pole compared to a traditional pole. The Titan pole comes with 360° rotating clips that allow the flag to change direction in the wind without getting tangled.

If you fly your flag day and night, you must keep a light on your flag during the hours of darkness. Flagpole Farm has solar powered pole lights to make this an easy task. These flag pole toppers come with batteries included and have six bright LED lights that will light up the American flag exactly as it should. They also have an automatic switch that turns off when the sun comes up, so you don't have to turn it on and off every day.

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5. Concord American Flagpoles

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (6)

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originGrapevine, Texas
Founded in1947
Residential sizes offered15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40'

Concord Places of Origin and Manufacture

Concord American Flagpole was founded 75 years ago in 1947 in the small town of Grapevine, TX. Since then, both the Grapevine and the Concord American Flagpole have grown tremendously. The Concord American Flagpole Company is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of flagpoles and components. They offer masts, fixtures and lighting for all your residential or commercial needs with excellent customer service.

Concord Flagpole Selection and Offers

Concord American offers sectional and telescoping residential masts, all in high tensile strength anodized aluminum, with a choice of finish colors. Their telescoping pole units come with free swivel clips to prevent the flag from tangling, and their sectional poles have internal halyard options that feature both free rotating components and low cost traditional external halyards.

Concord American Flagpole keeps abreast of research and new technologies through the use of internal testing in R&D laboratories. They are always looking for better materials and manufacturing processes that meet or exceed National Association of Architectural Metal Fabricators (NAAMM) specifications. This means you will always have a high quality, rigorously tested flagpole made from the latest metals.

6. Grace Alley (Tangle Free Best Poles)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (7)

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originRockledge, Florida
Founded in2016
Residential sizes offered6'

Grace Alley Places of Origin and Manufacture

Grace Alley started in 2016 and within a few short years they have grown into a behemoth of an American flag manufacturing company. Grace Alley is a veteran-owned American family business headquartered in Rockledge, Florida.

Grace Alley Flagpole Selection and Offers

Grace Alley offers 6 foot home mounted flag poles in different colors. They are available in white, black and silver (brushed aluminum) for any look you need for your home's exterior. Its pole clips rotate freely, which means you spend less time unwinding your flag from the pole. In fact, if the flag is rolled up, another light breeze will almost always unroll it again. Free spinning flag clips are one of the best flag inventions in my opinion.

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7. Rosa Rushmore

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (8)

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originWyomissing, Pennsylvania
Founded in2016
Residential sizes offered6'

Places of origin and manufacture of Rushmore Rose

Charles Miller, founder and owner of Rushmore Rose, started his flag business in 2016 when he had a startling revelation; most American flags were made by foreign companies, with a large number of them made in China. Vowing to change that troubling fact, he started his own American flag company. He quickly began investing in US manufacturers and producers, and within a few short years, he had made a name for his company by providing excellent US flags along with stellar customer service.

Rushmore Rose flags follow what they know best, and their quality shows in the products they sell. They make American flags and poles and nothing else.

In 2021, the company only had 5 American workers, but that doesn't stop them from being one of the most quoted names on the American flags and being a proud member of the FMAA. You know you're getting a great Made in America product when you buy a Rushmore Rose flag or pole. They are located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Rushmore Rose Mast Selection and Promotions

Its poles are made from thick anodized aluminum, so you'll get years of lasting quality while showing off your American pride. Whether your flag comes with grommets or is a sleeved flag, you have a hard time getting wrapped up in unsightly pieces of fabric with these flagpoles.

Free swivel clips and poles help extend the life of your flag. When your flag is fully extended, it is free to float in the wind, whereas if it is shortened by wrapping it around the pole, the ends flap much faster, causing it to fray and tear much sooner.

8. Allied flag

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (9)

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originKansas City, MO
Founded in1972
Residential sizes offered6, 16, 20'

Places of Origin and Manufacture of the Allied Flag

Allied Flag Company has been in business for over 50 years and is our only listed flag and flagpole company. They do most of their business through the government and the Department of Defense. Their flags fly in the US House of Representatives and Senate. They must meet hardworking Americans' exacting standards of exceptional quality when using American materials.

The Allied Flag Company owns and operates large manufacturing facilities that embroider their stars onto their flags and make flagpoles.

Selection and Offers of Allied Flag Flagpoles

Allied Flag Company offers different sizes of flagpoles for your residential property. They have smaller 6' Lawn-Mate poles which are ideal for smaller flags like 2' x 3' or a standard 3' x 5' size. They also have 16' sectional poles and a slightly taller 20' telescoping pole so your flag can swing majestically in the wind. Overall, if you're looking for a flag pole for your home, Allied Flag has a lot of great options.

9. Masts of Liberty

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (10)

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originHolyoke, Massachusetts
Founded in2019
Residential sizes offered15, 20, 25, 35'
MaterialsSteel, fiberglass, aluminum

Places of origin and manufacture of Liberty masts

Liberty poles started in May 2019. They wanted to make sure that everyone who owns a flag can proudly display it on a great quality American made flag pole. The Liberty Flagpoles Company is located in Holyoke, MA and is a veteran owned small business. They manufacture and sell American made flags and flagpoles for residential or commercial use. They have everything you need to start flying Old Glory, or if you need to replace your old flagpole, Liberty Flagpole can help you get set up.

Liberty mast selection and offers

Liberty Flagpole has several different quality options for flying your flag. They offer telescoping, one-piece, or sectional masts made from selections of high-strength anodized aluminum or aircraft fiberglass.

Its telescoping poles offer 360 degree swivel clips to prevent the flag from tangling around the pole. They have high wind ratings and being telescopic means you can lower the pole relatively easily when bad weather approaches.

Fiberglass poles are great choices for areas that tend to be a lot wetter or have harsh weather, as they will never rust or corrode. Liberty also offers options such as solar lights and internal blocking halyards. This means that the rope is mounted inside the pole and secured under a padlock, giving you peace of mind when flying your flag. All Liberty poles have everything you need to set up your pole and start flying your flag, and some include a nylon American flag with your pole purchase for an easy one-time purchase.

10. American Flagpole and Flag Co (Great Reputation)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (11)

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originLake Elmo, Minnesota
Founded in1973
Residential sizes offered19, 20, 25'

American and Flag Co flagpole origin and manufacturing locations

The year was 1973 in Lake Elmo, MN, when American Flagpole & Flag Co. Minnesota state. They will also dig out older flagpoles or pour concrete foundations if necessary. Regardless of the type of flagpole you need, whether for indoor, outdoor or marine use, American Flagpole & Flag Co. probably has what you're looking for.

Selection and offers from American Flagpole and Flag Co

American Flagpole & Flag Co offers solid anodized aluminum pole constructions and telescoping for their outer poles. Their Sentry poles are the ultimate in flag protection and durable quality. The Sentry features an internal halyard for added rope integrity; It's not exposed to the elements, so it lasts longer and is a theft-proof option. There is less flag noise with the internal halyard system as the rope clips are not constantly hitting the side of the pole and the flag can rotate 360 ​​degrees like telescoping poles. Their residential flagpole offerings come in sizes ranging from 19' to 25' tall.

11. Flag and standard

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (12)

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originLittle Rock, AR
Founded in1975
Residential sizes offered15', 18', 20', 25',
MaterialsAluminum, fiberglass

Places of origin and manufacture of flags and banners

Kerry McCoy founded Flag and Banner in 1975 selling flags door to door in Little Rock, Arkansas. For over 40 years, Ms. McCoy modified his small business to keep up with increasing demand, going door-to-door in telemarketing and mail ordering for a multi-million dollar company. She started selling online in 1995 and after 9/11 opened a local gift shop for local customers and is still active in her business and community today.

Selection and Offers of Flags and Standards

Flag and Banner offer aluminum and fiberglass flag pole options. The 20' fiberglass pole is ideal for areas that receive a lot of rain and snow. It comes with a white gel coat finish and a 360 degree rotating cart.

Their commercial-grade aluminum options come in 20' or 25' sizes and feature tapered sections. These poles are more traditional poles with external halyards and cleats. An excellent choice for updating your landscape and highlighting your property with patriotism.

Flag and Banner has a telescoping pole in 3 different sizes with polycarbonate swivel clips and a bottom locking mechanism that is tamperproof to prevent prying hands from accidentally dropping sections.

12. Deposit of Veterans Flags

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (13)

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originAubrey, Texas
Founded in2004
Residential sizes offered16, 20, 25'

Veterans Flag Depot Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Owner Tony Kauffman wanted a way to honor all the veterans who have served, including his father, a military veteran who served 37 years and survived action in both WWII and the Korean War. In 2004, his dream came true when he opened Veterans Flag Depot in Aubrey, TX. Veterans Flag Depot manufactures flags, pins, poles and many other patriotic items using American materials and craftsmanship. They could make more money outsourcing to low-cost foreign companies, but Veterans Flag Depot wants to support our country by keeping as much as it can here in the US. They believe that not doing so would detract from the message of American patriotism and ideals. In fact, Veterans Flag Depot's motto is "Strive for the highest quality at the lowest possible price."

Veterans Flag Depot selection and offerings

Veterans Flag Depot uses ten gauge aerospace aluminum which is as strong as typical steel but much lighter and since it is aluminum there is no chance of it rusting. They offer two sizes of all aluminum masts; 20' and 25' telescopic poles. Veterans Flag Depot eliminated springs and plastic from its telescopic poles. This means the slim springs won't rust or come out of place, which could cause the mast to fall accidentally. The three pivots are made of thermoplastic that is even stronger than polycarbonate plastic. As there are three, you can fly two flags at the same time.

13. Manufacture of telescopic poles

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (14)

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originMuncy, Pennsylvania
Founded in1984
Residential sizes offered16'-40'

TelePole Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Telepole Manufacturing started as Exim Trade Company in 1984. When they started selling telescopic masts as their main product, Exim changed its name to Telepole Manufacturing. Located in Muncy, Pennsylvania, Telepole is a company that makes no secret of making stronger, higher quality flagpoles than most of its competitors.

They pride themselves on being innovators in masts, especially telescopic masts. They use thicker and stronger anodized aluminum on all of their poles, have done away with plastic swivels in favor of metal ball bearings, and use crimped retaining rings to hold the flag to the pole.

It has thickened poles and uses 5' sections in telescoping poles instead of the standard 6' poles, offering the most compact flag poles.

TelePole Flagpole Selection and Offers

Telepole Manufacturing offers telescoping and sectional masts, all made thicker than competitive aluminum. Telescopic poles use 5' tube sections instead of a standard 6' section, making these poles easier to assemble and disassemble as well as being a bit more compact for storage. The manufacture of telepoles uses state-of-the-art locks that do not use fragile springs that can cause other telescopic rods to accidentally fall out. They also offer the tallest telescoping mast on the market, with a maximum height of 40 feet.

Their sectional posts are also handcrafted in America using heavier gauge aluminum, stronger nylon strings, and stainless steel cleats and upper headers for added strength. You might pay a little more for a Telepole product, but they go the extra mile to provide you with a stronger, more durable pole with a great warranty to back it up.

14. American Flag and Pole Company (great business options)

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (15)

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originPhoenix, Arizona
Founded in1985
Residential sizes offered15-40'
MaterialsSteel, Aluminum

Places of Origin and Manufacture of the American Flag and Flagpole Company

American Flag and Pole founder Joseph M. Cicero was a commercial window cleaner in 1983 when he was asked if he could put a flag on top of the building he was working on. While repairing the mast, he realized that this type of service was needed. In 1985 Cicero got a tow truck and started repairing flag poles in the Phoenix, Arizona area, soon opening the American Flag and Pole Company. Since then, the company has offered 100% American-made flags and poles, as well as service, repair, assembly, and relocation of flagpoles in your area.

American Flag and Pole Company selection and offerings

The American Flag and Pole Company is one of the few companies that will personally install and maintain the flag pole you purchase. This adds additional cost, but you have the peace of mind that your mast will be professionally and accurately installed.

The American Flag and Pole Company manufactures its steel poles in Phoenix, Arizona. Steel posts are typically larger in size for commercial applications, but you can still get 20-foot sizes for your home, and they come in five different color options.

Their aluminum pole selections have more colors to choose from; eight different colors and finishes, to be exact. Most color options on our entire list. Aluminum picks also have options for external or internal tamperproof halyard applications.

15. Masts, &c.

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (16)

Mast shop etc.

originholly, mi
Founded in2004
Residential sizes offered6' a 80'
MaterialsFiberglass, Aluminum, Red oak

Places of Origin and Manufacture of Masts Etc.

Flagpoles Etc started in 2004. It is a women owned family business located in Holly, MI. After witnessing the horrific events of 9/11, these women knew they wanted to do something to help bring Americans together. They realized that most American flags and accessories such as poles were made by foreign companies. To help Americans show their patriotism with American products, they started making flagpoles in their garage. Starting with fence posts and other spare parts, they made their first pole. With the support of friends, neighbors and other patriotic Americans, Flagpoles Etc has grown from humble beginnings in their garage to a massive factory. No longer using replacement parts, Flagpoles Etc has become one of the leading flag pole companies in the USA.

Selection and offers of Masts Etc.

Flagpoles Etc offers flagpoles made from anodized aluminum, which resists corrosion and rust and is rustproof, fiberglass and even red oak for restoration projects or those who like the timeless look of polished wood. . They have indoor and outdoor halyard options, a selection of different colors on the aluminum poles, and any size you need for your flag-raising needs.

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Flagpoles Etc offers telescoping poles with Lexan swivel clips that prevent the flag from tangling around the pole. Lexan is the same material used in airplane windshields. It is treated to resist the sun's harmful UV rays to resist dry rot, cracking and fading.

Flagpole material considerations: pros and cons

Anodized aluminium

Most arms are now made from anodized aluminum, which is lightweight compared to solid wood and steel. The anodizing process makes aluminum virtually maintenance free, corrosion resistant and ideal for outdoor applications as it withstands most weather conditions well. Aluminum will also never rust like steel. Anodized aluminum posts are rounded and are the most popular choice for residential applications. They are generally an excellent choice for most installations. You can't go wrong with a strong, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum pole.


Fiberglass poles aren't as strong as metal poles, so they're typically smaller in size, but they're lighter and tend to be the cheapest of the bunch. Where fiberglass masts really shine is in areas that receive exceptionally high rainfall, severe winters with lots of snow, or very humid coastal areas with salty air. A pole made from fiberglass will never rust or corrode in moisture, making it a great choice for coastal, marshy or very wet areas or for those who want a good, inexpensive pole.


Steel poles still have their place among the newest, most weather-resistant materials. For commercial applications and very tall masts over 60 feet tall, this is where steel poles shine. Even aluminum has a hard time withstanding the harsh conditions at such heights. Stronger structural integrity and the ability to withstand higher strength winds are required for large commercial masts.

One company on our list offers solid red oak poles for residential applications. These posts are great for aesthetics. The striking wood grain really stands out in a landscape, especially against the backdrop of a log cabin in the woods. Wooden poles will require more maintenance than other materials, as it is a natural material that also does not withstand rain and sun. You can still get years of life out of a wood neck, but you'll likely have to replace it more often than aluminum or steel. If the look of solid wood grain is key to your search for the perfect flagpole, then the Red Oak Flagpole is perfect for you.

Differences between telescoping, sectional, or solid part construction

Now that we've looked at the different materials a pole can be made from, let's talk about the different construction options and which might work best for you. We have sectional flagpoles, solid piece flagpoles and telescopic flagpole types.

Solid piece flagpoles

Solid piece masts are a more traditional construction and have a more solid construction than sectional or telescoping masts. Solid piece flag poles are usually one long pole with outside halyards, but can come in two sections if they are longer than 20 feet. If you're looking for a low-tech, high-maintenance flagpole, or just want an inexpensive but strong flagpole in your backyard, a solid piece construction might be right for you.

If you live in an area with a lot of windy days and strong gusts, the solid pole may also be best for you. These poles are generally rated for higher gusts and are stronger than sectional and telescoping poles.

Sectional Mast

Sectional masts are easier to install than single-mast constructions, which means you probably won't need special equipment to install yours. You can also take them apart and store them in 5- or 6-foot sections, which is much easier than trying to store a 20-foot or longer metal pipe. The sections also mean they aren't as strong as one-piece constructions, but if you don't have extremely strong winds on a regular basis, it should be fine. Sectional posts are also slightly cheaper.

telescopic mast

A telescopic pole is usually more expensive, but comes with more versatility and options. Almost all telescoping poles have free-swiveling clips that keep the flag from wrapping around the pole. They are lighter and easier to install and configure. If you know you are about to have a severe storm with a lot of wind and bad weather, you can take down the pole yourself and protect it from bad weather.

Telescoping poles are easy to store and are a great option if you want to take your flag and pole with you. If you spend time at different properties, such as a summer home and a winter home, it's easy to take your flag and flagpole with you to display the American flag wherever you go.

To involve

That's all for this article. If you have comments or questions, or have an American flagpole that we haven't listed here, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section below. We hope you found it useful and that you found the perfect pole for your flag.

Top 15 Made in the USA Flag Poles (2023 List) - All Made in America (17)

kevin wabiszewski

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Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Choosing American-made products is important to me because it supports local economies, creates jobs, helps the environment and ensures ethical work practices. I also think that American-made products tend to be of higher quality; so even though they are a little more expensive, it saves you money in the long run. Before starting this site, I was in the USMC Infantry and now I work on this site as a hobby.


What is the strongest flag pole? ›

Extra heavy duty hurricane flag poles (Cross Reference: ECH, CESR) are designed for use in a variety of severe weather commercial applications and to meet wind ratings of at least 190 MPH. They are the strongest and most durable severe weather flag poles in the Admiral line.

Where are old glory flag poles manufactured? ›

When you raise Old Glory on this flagpole you will be filled with pride knowing the entire kit is Made in the U.S.A.

What is the best material for a flagpole? ›


Aluminum is the most commonly used metal for flagpoles because it is lighter than steel, will not rust like steel, and works well in both commercial and residential settings.

What are the flag companies in the United States? ›

Flag manufacturers like Annin & Co., C.F. Flag, J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. / The Flag Source, and Valley Forge Flag Co.

Which flagpole will withstand the strongest wind? ›

Aluminum is one of the most preferred materials, but we'd say coated fiberglass flag poles are an excellent choice for areas with high winds. They are extremely durable and strong, lightweight, and with almost zero maintenance. What is more, they are said to withstand high winds.

What is the best color for a flagpole? ›

The most popular colors are silver, bronze, black, and white. You might want to choose one that matches the trim of your house or possibly the color of your fencing. The most common types of finishes on flagpoles are powder coating, painting, or anodizing.

Who is the largest flag manufacturer in USA? ›

The world's largest and oldest flag company, Annin & Co. and its 500 employees produce literally miles of stripes and a multitude of stars that go into 15 million U.S. flags a year. All are made in the U.S.A.—at manufacturing plants in Verona, N.J. (pop. 13,533), South Boston, Va.

Are any American flags made in USA? ›

Maybe even the red, white and blue flag flying outside your house. But, according to the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, 94% of American flags are actually manufactured in the United States.

What is the most expensive flagpole in the world? ›

Tajikistan's erstwhile most-gigantic-flagpole-ever can be found standing tall in front of Palace of Nations in Dushanbe. In total, the project cost the fledgling nation $3.5 million, part of an exorbitant $210 million spent on construction celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tajikistan's independence.

What kind of flag lasts longest? ›

Poly flags are the most durable outdoor flag in most conditions. But durability comes at a cost. Poly flags are also the most expensive.

What is the best height for a flagpole? ›

Ideally, the pole should be visible from all angles without interference from shrubbery, trees or other obstacles and looks neither too large nor too small for your home. The typical height for residential areas is 20 feet. If your home is two to three stories tall, you may want to consider a 25-foot flagpole.

What is a good thickness for a flag pole? ›

Wall Thickness of Concord American Flagpoles are measured in inches, with Commercial flagpoles varying from . 125″ to . 500″.

Who is the best flag maker? ›

Annin Flagmakers has been making the U.S. Flag since 1847 and has become known as the premier flag maker in the United States.

What is the most sold flag? ›

The American flag is ranked number one in the world. The Star-Spangled-Banner is not just a symbol of the American bravery, but also what America stands for—civic freedoms.

What are the 3 types of American flags? ›

There are three types of American military flags today:
  • Service Flags.
  • Maritime Flag.
  • Personal Flags.

Does a flagpole increase property value? ›

A flagpole adds incredible property value to your home. It gives you a great aesthetic and also adds curb value, which is a plus when you want to sell your house in the future.

What is the best flagpole placement? ›

Flagpoles are often placed close to the front door, but you may prefer a different spot. If your house has an island in the middle of a circular driveway, you may want to put the flagpole there. You don't want your flagpole to be significantly taller than your home.

What are the three types of flagpoles? ›

There are three types of flagpoles, “RESIDENTIAL”, “TELESCOPING” and “COMMERCIAL”. Commercial flagpoles are for both business and residential use. The commercial flagpole is much more durable than either residential or telescoping.

What is the rarest color on flags? ›

What is the Least Common Flag Colour in the World? Purple is the rarest colour on national flags. In fact, of the 196 countries of the world, virtually none of them use purple on their national flag.

Is aluminum or stainless steel better for a flag pole? ›

If you're looking for a pole with a longer-lasting finish that requires less maintenance, choose aluminum poles. Since they're corrosion-resistant, they handle wear and tear better than steel.

How far should a flagpole be from a house? ›

For a single-story home, home owners should consider a flagpole between 15' and 20' feet. For two or three level homes, consider a 20-25' foot flagpole. Structures greater than three-stories typically require a flagpole ranging from 25-30' feet and above.

What city has the biggest American flag? ›

The largest flag still resides at 402 Lime Avenue in Long Beach, California, and it still has national renown. Demski was featured in the George W. Bush inaugural parade for his monumental flag.

Who is America's famous flag maker? ›

Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross is famous for making the first American flag.

What are the most durable American flags? ›

Sewn Polyester flags are our most durable flags, and are the best option if you intend to fly the flag 24/7. They require more wind than nylon flags to "fly" as they are heavier. They are made from a special type of polyester fabric which looks like coarse cotton in texture. They are also the most expensive flags.

What are high quality American flags made of? ›

Nylon: The Most Popular Material For Flag Making

Companies like Allegiance Flag Supply use nylon to produce their high-quality and made-to-last American flags.

How many American flags are made each year? ›

From small flags waved at parades, to ones hanging from telephone poles in small towns, to ones hung from our own homes, 150 million American flags are sold in the U.S. each year.

What is the most designed flag? ›

The five traditional carpet designs along the hoist make the flag of Turkmenistan the most complex national flag design in the world. They represent the five major tribes or houses, and form motifs in the country's state emblem and flag.

Where is the largest flag pole being built? ›

COLUMBIA FALLS, Maine - Plans to build the world's tallest flagpole are on pause in Maine.

What is the tallest flag pole in the United States? ›

Nation's Largest Flagpole

When driving along Interstate 43 in Sheboygan you can't miss the largest flagpole in the U.S. The pole is 400 feet high and 11 feet in diameter. The flag is 120 x 60 feet.

Which is the flag hardest to find? ›

The answer is Sicily.

The flag depicts the head of Medusa and three ears of wheat.

Can you fly an old American flag? ›

It's important to remember the cardinal rule: tattered American flags should not be flown under any circumstances. It is disrespectful to the country, but in particular, the United States military. When you notice your flag beginning to wear and tear, take it down immediately to make the proper repairs.

What is the oldest US state flag still in use? ›

The oldest US state flags predate the nation itself. The oldest flags in the nation are those of Maryland and Rhode Island. The modern flag of Rhode Island was only formally adopted as the state flag in 1897, but the design itself can be traced back as far as 1640.

How deep should the hole be for a 30 foot flagpole? ›

Step 2: Dig Foundation Hole & Set the Pole Sleeve:

The dimensions of a flagpole foundation are directly related to the height of the pole. For every 10' in pole height you must dig 1' in depth, width, and length, i.e. 1 cubic foot. For example, the foundation for a 30' pole must be 3' deep, by 3' wide, and 3' long.

Can a flag be too big for pole? ›

If you opt for a flag outside the parameters provided, you will notice the flag looking either too small or too large for the pole. A flag that is too small is visually displeasing. A flag that is too large for the pole will put unnecessary stress on the pole that can lead to problems as time goes on.

How much does a 35 foot flag pole weigh? ›

This pole has a butt diameter of 5″, a top diameter of 3.5″ , a wall thickness of . 125 and weighs 267 lbs.

How much wind can my flagpole take? ›

It is recommended that no attempt should be made to hoist or fly a flag when conditions exceed 30 mph, wind force 6. Exposure to wind speeds 32-38mph, force 7 and above may cause irreversible damage to your flag and put excessive force on your flagpole.

Who has the best flag in the United States? ›

New Mexico has the best flag in the United States. It is not only us that think so, NAVA agrees: it was rated the number one flag in North America in their 2001 survey.

What is the coolest flag in use? ›

Summary of the 14 Coolest Country Flags of All Time
10 more rows
May 17, 2023

What is the most unpopular flag in the world? ›

The Nazi flag is probably the most controversial flag in man's history. It is even banned in a number of countries today. The flag was designed by Hitler himself, who thought it was necessary to use the same colours as Imperial Germany.

What is the rare US flag? ›

However, the 41-star flag is one of the rarest of 19th century America. On November 2, 1889, North and South Dakota were added to the Union as the 39th and 40th states, the first time in history that two states were admitted on the same day.

Which state has the most unique flag? ›

The Ohio Burgee is the official flag of the U.S. state of Ohio. It is a triangular swallowtail flag, the only non-rectangular U.S. state flag. Its red, white, and blue elements symbolize the state's natural features and order of admission into the Union.

What does GREY and black American flag mean? ›

What Does A Black And Grey Flag Mean? A black and grey American flag was flown in Washington D.C. in 2015 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. This historic event consisted of a large gathering of black men in Washington, D.C., on October 16, 1995.

What do the 7 red stripes on the flag mean? ›

The stripes represent the original 13 Colonies and the stars represent the 50 states of the Union.

How much wind can flagpole withstand? ›

Ensure your pole has the appropriate wind speed rating for your location to withstand the wind. Federal Flags carries commercial flagpoles that can withstand winds of up to 315 MPH.

Which American flag is strongest? ›

Sewn Polyester flags are our most durable flags, and are the best option if you intend to fly the flag 24/7. They require more wind than nylon flags to "fly" as they are heavier. They are made from a special type of polyester fabric which looks like coarse cotton in texture. They are also the most expensive flags.

What are the toughest flags made of? ›

Polyester is generally the most durable, the heaviest, and also most expensive. Nylon is the next most durable and also well suited for outdoor conditions. In some applications nylon may perform better than polyester and costs considerably less, making nylon the most popular flag material.

How much wind can a flag pole handle? ›

Eight to eleven miles per hour is the ideal wind speed range for a flag to unfurl completely in the way we envision a flag flying proudly. That said, exposure to wind and the elements can wear out your flag over time.

What is the best height for a residential flagpole? ›

Ideally, the pole should be visible from all angles without interference from shrubbery, trees or other obstacles and looks neither too large nor too small for your home. The typical height for residential areas is 20 feet. If your home is two to three stories tall, you may want to consider a 25-foot flagpole.

How deep does a flagpole need to be in the ground? ›

Make sure the hole is at least 2 feet deep and four to six times the diameter of the pole to accommodate the ground sleeve. It should be included with the purchase of your flagpole.

What is the most loved flag in the world? ›

Voted number one by multiple sources, the USA flag is the most famous flag of the world. Not only is it waved around and celebrated proudly by US citizens. It has a meaning behind every detail.

What is the rarest American flag? ›

The 47 star flag is rare because it represents the addition of New Mexico in January of 1912. Arizona gained its statehood in February of 1912, so the 47 star count was accurate for only one month.

What is the rarest color used in flags? ›

Purple is the rarest colour on national flags. In fact, of the 196 countries of the world, virtually none of them use purple on their national flag. However, a small number of nations have amended or changed their national flags over the years to feature very small portions of purple.

Which is better a nylon or polyester flag? ›

Polyester, especially 2-ply polyester is more suitable for outdoor usage since it's more durable and robust than nylon. Because of this, polyester has a great outdoor lifespan. It also has great wind resistance which makes it ideal for flag flying in extremely windy weather conditions.

At what wind speed do you take down the American flag? ›

If wind speeds go higher than 40 mph, it's time to take your flag inside until the weather calms down. If winds get high enough, you should also protect your flagpole. This would include bringing down your wall-mounted flagpole or lowering your telescoping flagpole.

Should you take flag down in winter? ›

Important Things to Remember

The flag should not be subject to weather damage, so it should not be displayed during rain, snow and wind storms unless it is an all-weather flag. It should be displayed often, but especially on national and state holidays and special occasions.

How do you make a flagpole stronger? ›

The cement must be poured into the hold deep and wide enough to form a large block of cement when it dries to prevent the pole from toppling over. It's a good rule of thumb to dig a hole whose diameter is four times the diameter of the pole to ensure a sturdy base.


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