The 20 best and most livable Brisbane suburbs for families (2023)

  • Many have turned to the capital of the Sunshine State due to the lack of affordable housing in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • House sales prices in Brisbane have risen dramatically in the last two years.
  • There are many family-friendly suburbs that offer safety and a wide range of recreational spaces.

As more and more Australians found themselves locked out of the Sydney and Melbourne markets during the pandemic, many turned to Brisbane.

Brisbane has a much cheaper property market combined with a warm climate and the conveniences of a relatively large and diverse city.

Not surprisingly, weekly home sales prices in Brisbane have risen significantly since the pandemic began, albeit below their peak at the start of the year, as illustrated in the chart below from SQM Research.

Gran Brisbane

But what about families?

The lifestyle of the Queensland capital is especially attractive to people with young children. Choosing where to live with children can be difficult. What suburbs have quality schools or daycare centers? Which have parks and recreational facilities nearby? Which have a relatively low crime rate?

Using a variety of data and input from estate agents, we've compiled 20 of the best and most livable suburbs for families in upcoming olympic city, in no particular order.

1. Sur from Brisbane, 4101

South Brisbane is home to 11,000 residents and experienced strong population growth of 6.8% between 2016 and 2021. Despite being an inner suburb of Australia's third-largest city, the suburb is close to numerous medical facilities, parks school and recreational opportunities, including swimming pools along the Southbank. This makes it popular with families. However, the median home price is over $1.28 million, with units increasing by $520,000.

2. Holland Park, 4121

Located nine kilometers south of the Brisbane CBD, Holland Park has a population of over 9,000 as of 2021. Holland Park is a quiet, leafy suburb between Carindale and Mount Gravatt shopping centers and borders the White Hills Reserve. The suburb has many large apartment blocks with Queenslander and post-war style houses.

3. Coorparoo, 4151

Coorparoo, 15 minutes south of the CBD, has been named one of Brisbane's best suburbs for families by Jason Savage, director of Stone Real Estate Logan.

"A plethora of scholastic opportunities and a vibrant atmosphere make Coorparoo a great place to raise a family," he said.

“Cavendish Road State Secondary School attracts people to the catchment area. The private schools are Villa Nova College (private schools for boys) and Loreto College (private schools for girls).

“The proposed redevelopment of the Coorparoo intersection, including Coorparoo Square, will transform the area into a premier downtown dining, shopping and entertainment district that will challenge Bulimba as a premier downtown area.

Jason Savage, Logan Stone Real Estate

The 20 best and most livable Brisbane suburbs for families (1)

"The planned $30 million expansion of the Eastern Busway and the upcoming Cross River Rail project will facilitate transportation into the city."

The park includes Camp Hill, Holland Park, Stones Corner, Greenslopes, East Brisbane, and Norman Park.

4. Sand Gate, 4017

Sandgate is 17 kilometers northeast of Brisbane's CBD by the bay and is home to almost 7,000 people. Known for its characterful houses, it also has a lively selection of cafes and shops. Unsurprisingly, real estate is expensive: the median home price currently exceeds $1 million, and units cost $562,000.

5. Kelvin Grove, 4059

Located just 3.6 kilometers northwest of the Brisbane CBD, Kelvin Grove is a small but popular inner suburb. It is home to many green parks and cycle paths, making it popular with families. It is conveniently located near the business district and is home to a QUT campus. The local high school is known for having one of the largest art schools in the state. The median home price is $1.28 million, though the units are cheaper than those in other inner suburbs: $450,000 per unit.

6. Wilston, 4051

Home to over 4,000 residents, Wilston is just three miles north of Brisbane's central business district. It is home to many typical Queensland houses and is full of working families. There are excellent schools in the area and good bus and train connections. The median home price is over $1.23 million, with units priced at $496,500.

7. Graceville, 4075

Five miles from the Brisbane CBD is the quiet, leafy residential suburb of Graceville, bordered by the Brisbane River. Made up of a variety of old colonial, Queensland, Port War and modern houses, it is one of the oldest suburbs of the city. It has its own train station, which quickly connects residents to the CBD.

8. Falsehood, 4171

Bulimba, four kilometers north-east of the Brisbane CBD, is a riverside suburb easily accessible via CityCat. Homes are very expensive: median home price is over $1.8 million and unit price is $746,000.

9. Tarragindi, 4121

Savage said that Tarragindi is a modern and stylish suburb with a young and vibrant population that is located 7km south of the CBD, around 20 minutes by car. The average age is only 36 and it is one of the safest suburbs in Brisbane.

"The suburb is full of young families, which makes it a wonderful place to raise children," he said.

“There are numerous public schools in the area, including Wellers Hill State School, St Elizabeth Primary School, Holland Park State Secondary School and Yeronga State Secondary School. For higher education, Griffith University has a nearby campus on Mt. Gravatt.

Savafe noted that there are several parks and playgrounds in the area, the largest being Weller Road Park, while the Tarragindi Recreational Reserve is perfect for picnics and barbecues.

“Toohey Forest Park is the largest remaining bushland in Brisbane and offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and even bouldering. Tarragindi is also within easy reach of the large shopping district of Westfield Garden City, which has a more village feel with cafes, restaurants and smaller retail shops.

Jason Savage, Logan Stone Real Estate

“Tarragindi offers easy access to the M3 ramp and into the city and is very close to the south-east busway into the city.

“The new metro will further reduce the journey times of buses to the city. The Tarragindi Bowls Club has had an $80 million renovation, and the suburb also has a swimming club, a rugby club and a library.

10. Alderley, 4051

Located four kilometers north of Brisbane's central business district, Alderley is a diverse suburb with many families young and old. There are numerous public transportation, parks and open spaces. The lack of nightlife also makes it a quiet suburb for families. The median price for suburban homes rose 43.3% last year to $1.29 million and $425,000 for condos.

11. Windsor, 4030

Windsor is just 5.5 kilometers north of the Brisbane CBD and is home to more than 8,400 residents. It is often described as a hilly suburb crossed by the Enoggera stream. In the lower part of the suburb are the A3 turnpike and the Airport Link road. The median home price in the suburbs is $1.34 million.

12. Deagon, 4017

A northern suburb of Brisbane (18km north of the CBD), Deagon is often described as a hidden gem, being less expensive than neighboring coastal suburbs such as Sandgate and predominantly made up of single-family homes. Deagon's median home price is $790,000, and there are not enough units to get an exact median unit price.

13. Ferny Grove, 4055

Ferny Grove is another northwestern suburb of Brisbane. It has eight parks that cover about 13% of the total area. With just under 6,000 residents, Ferny Grove has its own transportation hub, making it easy to get to the business district. Prices have risen sharply since the pandemic began, with a median home price of $918,000.

14. Victory Point, 4165

The 20 best and most livable Brisbane suburbs for families (2)

Located 35 kilometers southeast of Brisbane's central business district, Victoria Point is a popular bayside suburb in Redlands. Considered as a balance between urban life and semi-rural life, with a variety of parks, beaches and shopping centers. Victoria Point is much cheaper than many of the suburbs on the list, with a median price of $830,000 for houses and $467,000 for condos.

15.Carina Heights, 4152

Located 10 kilometers southeast of Brisbane's central business district, Carina Heights has a population of over 7,200. It is often described as a nice and quiet family suburb, despite being close to the Carindale shopping center (link here). The median home price is $1.12 million and has increased by 33.6% in the last 12 months. Units have also increased considerably; a growth rate of 19.8% to $531,000.

16. Lota, 4179

Lota, a small suburb on Brisbane Bay, has almost 8,000 inhabitants. Located 20 km by road from the central business district, it is a quiet suburb with several parks and recreational areas. The median home sales price is $947,500, and 62 homes have been sold in the past 12 months.

17. Ascot, 4007

Located nine kilometers north-east of the CBD, Ascot is an expensive suburb that borders the riverside suburb of Hamilton. The median home price is $2.23 million, an increase of 35.9% over the past 12 months. The suburb is home to several schools, parks, and recreational areas, as well as strong medical facilities.

18. Farm, 4051

Located just three miles from the CBD, Grange has quiet, safe streets and is mainly made up of large detached houses. There are several nice parks and good schools in and around the suburb. The median home price is $1.64 million and has risen a staggering 40.9% in the last 12 months.

19. Heathwood, 4110

Located 25 kilometers south of Brisbane's central business district, Heathwood is a quiet and diverse suburb with easy access to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. There are a number of parks and recreational facilities. The median home price is $830,000.

20. Keperra, 4054

Keperra is located 10 km north-west of Brisbane CBD and is home to a variety of modern and characterful houses. In the immediate vicinity of the neighborhood there is a wide variety of shops and services, as well as numerous parks and the Enoggera reservoir. The median home price in the suburb is $851,749.


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