Norwegian Cruise Line Laundry Packages, Services and Price List (2023)

When considering a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, you may be wondering what kind of laundry service is offered on board.

I have traveled with NCL 10 times so far and have used various onboard laundry facilities.

Does Norwegian Cruise Line offer self-service laundry?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers laundry services for a fee that can be purchased on board or prior to the cruise. Norwegian Cruise Line does not have self-service laundry facilities on any of its cruise ships.

I have used Norwegian Cruise Line's paid laundry service before and was even able to do laundry for free.More on that at the end of the post.

Laundry service is not included on Norwegian cruises, but a selection of food, some drinks and more are included. If you're taking your first cruise with Norwegian and wondering what's included, check out this post:Are meals included on Norwegian Cruise Line cruises? food guide included

How much does laundry cost on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship?

Washing, ironing and laundering a pair of jeans costs an average of $7.95 on Norwegian Cruise Line and $4.95 for a T-shirt. The shorts are also $4.95. A dress is around $11.95 and underwear is only $1.95.

The following table was compiled using data from various Norwegian ships. This is to give you a rough idea of ​​how much things cost and should not be taken as exact.

Laundry prices (and everything on cruise ships) change regularly.

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Laundry Offers on Norwegian Cruise Line:

Unlike other cruise lines, NCL does not offer bedding packages, where you can purchase a certain amount of bedding for a certain amount of money.

Personally, I find this a shame, as these packages often save a lot of money compared to prepaid prices, but Norwegian has an alternative.

"Fill a Bag" Promotion/Combination Bag:

On almost every Norway cruise there is a day when there is a laundry offer to fill bags at a certain price. The laundry bag is located in your stateroom and is a paper bag the size of a pillowcase.

The package is usually around $25 and all items that fit in the bag are laundered and ironed for a set price. However, be careful not to break the bag as it is very fragile.

How to use this promotion:

  1. Complete the same laundry sheet as you would if you were paying per item. This way, the laundry knows how many items of clothing you have put in the bag. In addition, small tags with your stateroom number will be attached to your clothing. These labels are pretty sticky and I've had a few stay on for months after I got back.
  2. Place the bag filled with the label on the bed.
  3. Your butler will collect your laundry bag for you and take it to the laundry room.
  4. If your laundry is picked up before noon, it will be returned to you the afternoon of the following day.

If you want the items to be returned to you faster, you can use the express service. The express service will pick you up at 9 in the morning and return it to you at 6 in the afternoon of the same day. If you have your clothes washed with an express fee, you will incur an additional 50%.

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How do I use Norwegian Cruise Line's paid laundry service?

If you are not participating in the Full Bag promotion, you must fill out the laundry receipt and add the amount you spend. I'm sure the laundromat checks this out, but it's always good to have an idea of ​​how much you're spending too. It is also important that you sign the form.

Norwegian Cruise Line Laundry Policy:

For Norwegians there is an additional charge for silk items as they are washed separately.

Norwegian is not responsible for your clothing if it shrinks or fades.

If your item is lost or damaged, liability for the item is limited to 10 times the price you paid to have it laundered. If you have a particularly expensive dress or suit, I recommend avoiding having it laundered by the cruise line.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a complimentary laundry bag to PlatinumLatitudes members

Norwegian Cruise Line's loyalty program is called Latitudes.

Gold members receive a 50% discount on 1 bag.

Platinum, Platinum Plus and Ambassador members receive 1 free laundry bag.

I have Platinum loyalty status with Norwegian because I've been sailing with them since I was 11 years old. The free laundry service is definitely one of my favorite perks.

The free bag promotion is similar to the fill-a-bag promotion above, but it costs nothing.

You can use any point during the cruise for the Platinum Free Baggage promotion. I usually write "Platinum Free Bag" on the tag to make sure I don't get charged.

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Complimentary alternatives to cruise laundry

Whenever I can, I try to avoid the cost of laundry on cruise ships. I usually use my free bag and wash all other items myself.

When I go on a cruise I usually take a small sachet of travel detergent, like this:SinkSuds Travel Liquid Detergent Soap.

I use the travel washer to wash things like T-shirts and socks in the cabin sink. It's easy and almost free!

How to use the travel detergent:

Using travel detergent is really easy and doesn't take a lot of time. First, fill the sink with warm water, then add a very small amount of travel detergent.

Move your clothes in the wash and then set them aside. I like to wash all my clothes in the same bubbling water before rinsing. Rinsing some clothes in the sink can be a bit tricky, but rinsing in the shower is always a good option.

Once you've done the laundry, try to rinse out as much water as possible to help it dry faster.

There's usually a line in the shower to hang clothes on, so that's what I do. Cruise lines try to discourage guests from hanging clothes to dry on their balconies, as they could fly off and become a hazard.

Can I borrow a Norwegian Cruise Line iron?

Guests can borrow an iron on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise by asking the room attendant.

If you want to iron your clothes yourself, I recommend doing it at the beginning of the cruise. So you can save yourself the iron and continue your cruise!

Can I take an iron on a cruise?

You are not allowed to take an iron with you on a cruise. Irons are prohibited on cruise ships as they pose a safety hazard. If you try to take one on board anyway, it will be confiscated.

On cruise ships, all luggage is scanned for things like alcohol or dangerous items.

Guests are welcome to bring some wine aboard Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ships, but a corkage fee applies. For more information on that, check out this post:Can you take alcohol on a cruise? (cruise guide)

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How to "iron" your clothes without using an iron

Use gravity to remove wrinkles.

There's nothing more annoying than carefully choosing your outfit and then realizing that it looks like you need a good iron! Keeping clothes wrinkle-free when stored in a suitcase is quite a challenge.

To get rid of the worst wrinkles, I like to take a shower and then hang my clothes in the bathroom.

This can be difficult if your closet hangers are attached to the closet. In general, though, it's pretty easy to pull out a hanger and hang your clothes on the inside of your bathroom door.

Most wrinkles disappear when the bath dries. It's not perfect, but it's so much better than wearing those freshly wrinkled clothes!

If you're afraid of wrinkles in your clothes, it might be worth buying something like this:Wrinkle Remover Plus.

Spraying it on clothes before showering and letting the wrinkles soak in will maximize the effects.

Is it worth paying for laundry on a Norway cruise?

If you want to wash more than four items, I recommend waiting for the "Fill a bag" promotion, as it is much cheaper. If you only want to wash 1 or 2 pieces of clothing, it may be worth doing it on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Be sure to take advantage of the discounts offered to you through the Latitudes program.

If you just want to wash a few t-shirts, maybe some gym clothes, socks, etc., I recommend doing your own laundry in the cabin sink. It's cheap and easy!

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