List of equipment needed to make soap at home (2023)

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (1)

Before you start making soap at home, you need to gather some essential equipment.

Below, I've compiled a list of must-have soap-making tools, followed by a few extras that come in handy too.


List of equipment needed to make soap at home (2)


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List of equipment needed to make soap at home (3)

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (4)

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1. Scale

It doesn't have to be super expensive. Check the cookware section at your local stores.This is the type I useand the one shown in the photo above.

All soap oils, liquids and foam must be weighed and not measured by volume. Weight does not always equal volume. For example, in the case of olive oil, 8 ounces (by volume) poured into a 1-cup measuring cup actually weighs very differently when using a scale. If you use a measuring cup instead of a scale for your oils or suds, your soap could end up being overly oily or, even worse, lathering too much, creating an unsafe product.

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (5)

2. Clinical thermometer

There is a wide range of temperatures that lye and oils can be at before they are mixed. Depending on the recipe and soap maker you ask, this can range from room temperature to 52°C (125°F).

To keep track of the temperature of your lye solution and oils, you need an accurate thermometer. While I got along with one for many yearsSimple thermometer for making sweets, like THIS one,aInfrared Laser Thermometer, ASSIM, it's light years easier to use and highly recommended!

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (6)

3. Blender (stick blender)

While you can mix the soap by hand for extended periods of time (sometimes hours!), an immersion blender, also known as a hand blender, cuts the mixing time down to just a few minutes.This is the type I personally use.; I've had the same thing for over 10 years and it still works! Inexpensive blenders from local stores are usually fine to start with, but if you decide to make soap, you should probably invest in a blender that is a little more durable.

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Here is a video of me mixing a batch of cold process soap!(Often, an ad will play first, but the video will follow shortly after.)

4. Container for measuring and mixing caustic soda

Weigh out the dry lye (sodium hydroxide) needed for your recipe into small disposable bath cups or a designated small container clearly marked with the word LYE.

As the lye solution can initially reach over 93°C (200°F), it is best to avoid using a glass container to mix the lye and water, although this is cumbersome. Bleach can etch stains into the glass over time, creating weak spots that can break easily. I can't tell you how many emails I've received from people who have broken a glass jar while making soap! If you still feel the need to use glass, I suggest working on your kitchen sink to better contain potential accidents.

Instead of glass, use stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic, which should be marked with the recycling symbol #5 on the bottom of the container.

(Already in the topic and since I get this question a lot: some good brands of caustic soda to make soap are among othersComStarERote Krone. You can find them on Amazon or check your local hardware stores.)

5. Container for mixing the soap mass

I used all sorts of things from a Tupperware pitcher, the ceramic insert from an old CrockPot, an enamel pan, a stainless steel pan, and a Pyrex mixing pitcher. Since the lye solution will have cooled by the time you start mixing, it's okay to use sturdy glass at this point.

I currently chose to use the Encore Mix N Measure containers from the paint department at my local hardware store.

O2 1/2 liter containerthey are perfect for mixing a batch of soap; My recipes typically weigh around 2.5 pounds and contain around 28 to 30 ounces of oil.

1 liter packsare suitable for mixing bleach solutions, but also for mixing mini soap test batches.

Do not use aluminum or anything with a non-stick surface (Teflon) as they will have an adverse reaction on the soap dough.

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (8)

6. Sturdy plastic or silicone spoons and spatulas

These are used to mix the lye (sodium hydroxide) in water or other liquid and mix the soap mass as needed. You can find all kinds of options in the kitchen section of your local stores. Look for durable plastic or silicone, and avoid anything with aluminum in it.

(Video) TOOLS YOU NEED TO START MAKING COLD PROCESS SOAP / and how much I initially spent

7. Gloves and goggles

These two pieces of safety equipment are absolutely indispensable. Even after 16 years of making soap, I still use them and find them useful. Last summer, I accidentally dumped a pile of raw, soapy dough on my face. I was so grateful for my glasses, otherwise I would have rushed to an emergency appointment with my eye doctor. Never get too complacent in this department! I'm looking for glasses/goggles specifically designed for working with chemicals (LIKE THESE). Normal glasses don't really offer much protection.

Wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves to protect your hands, or look for dishwashing gloves in your local store's cleaning department. I likeTHIS TYPEbecause they can be used multiple times and also because they reach almost to my elbows and protect my forearms.

In the past, I've advised soap makers to wear long sleeves as well. After accidentally dropping a mold filled with raw, soapy putty in front of me, I found that the long sleeves were actually a hindrance, smearing more putty on my skin as I struggled to get out of it. I no longer specifically recommend long sleeves, but other respected experts do, so I'll let you decide on that point.

List of equipment needed to make soap at home (9)

8. Soap shapes

Virtually all of my soap recipes fill you upCrafter's Choice Regular Silicone Bread Pan (you can buy one HERE). If you still can't buy a mold, use an empty, rinsed milk carton. You can also line a sturdy shoebox with a garbage liner, or check the baking department at your local stores.silicone box molds.

I also have a list ofMore than 15 decorative soap moldswhen you're ready to venture further into soap making!


mesh tea spoon- This is an exceptional tool for creating soap pencil line drawings. Simply add cocoa powder or desired coloring to the spoon and gently sift over the layers of soap. II got mine at Mountain Rose Herbs.

sieve with funnel- I get a lot of questions and comments about my funnel/strainer set. Icomprei na Mountain Rose Herbsand is perfect for straining infused oils and herbal teas for soap making!

coffee grinder- Useful for grinding oats, dried herbs/flowers and other soap making additives. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. (I use a cheap Hamilton Beach.)

soap cutter- Although they are a small investment, a steel wire soap cutter makes perfect sized pieces every time! MoneyEtsyfor a high quality product.

soap brands- You can find all kinds of fun soap stamps on Etsy.soap republicit's a popular store, but there are some great ones to check out too!

Simple and natural soap making– This is my printed book! :) It's full of recipes with natural ingredients, dyes and essential oils. (Read more about it here.)


List of equipment needed to make soap at home (10)


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