List of 562 adjectives starting with N with definitions and examples - (2023)

This article introduces adjectives that start with N. As you may know, adjectives that start with N are common in English and are used regularly in everyday conversation. Consequently, learning these descriptive words that start with N will help you improve your verbal and written communication skills. Adjectives beginning with N, like all other adjectives, are used to modify and enhance nouns or pronouns.

Read on to find out about the new adjectives that start with N. It is very likely that by reading this article you will discover some interesting new adjectives. Will you remember. It is possible to find the adjectives you were looking for.

First of all, get ready to read the adjectives that start with N. These N descriptors can be hard to remember if you're not familiar with them. Therefore, these definitions, as well as the provided examples, are very useful. So let's look at some N-descriptors.

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Common adjectives beginning with N in everyday speech

Check out our list of common adjectives starting with N, which can be used to describe or modify a noun to make your speech or writing clearer and more engaging. Use these common adjectives beginning with N in your everyday life.

1. nourished

  • Definition: being adequately supplied with nutrients
  • Synonyms: care, maintained, care.
  • Example: Your baby was fed very well.

2. Non-violent

  • Definition: without violence and aggression
  • Synonyms: calm, benevolent, kind.
  • Example: My brother is a non-violent boy.

3. Nude

  • Definition: not wear clothes; naked
  • Synonyms: naked, naked, completely naked
  • Example: There is a painting of a nude model.

4. neurotic

  • definition: characterized by symptoms of neurosis
  • Synonyms: obsessive, obsessive, overwrought
  • Example: She is a neurotic girl.

5. Neutral

  • Definition: without prejudice or partisanship
  • Synonyms: impartial, impartial, objective, impartial.
  • Example: A judge must be neutral.

6. Not aggressive

  • Definition: Not inclined to violence and aggression.
  • Synonyms: pacified, nonviolent, peaceful
  • Example: I love your non-aggressive thoughts.

7. Uncivilized

  • Definition: without the influence of civilization.
  • Synonyms: uncivilized, primitive, crude
  • Example: They are uncivilized people.

8. Numerous

  • Definition: more than is casually countable
  • Synonyms: many, various, various, multiplicity
  • Example: There were many people in your room.

9. nationalist

  • definition: extremely patriotic
  • Synonyms: nationalist, chauvinist, patriot, chauvinist
  • Example: We have some nationalist leaders.

10. No verbal

  • Definition: without words and especially with gestures
  • Synonyms: gestural, tacit, wordless.
  • Example: We must learn forms of non-verbal communication.

Positive adjectives beginning with N

Positive adjectives beginning with N are used to describe people, places, and things in a positive way. You can use these noun modifiers to convey joy, affection, and other good emotions.

1. Edel

  • Definition: display dignified behavior or appearance
  • Synonyms: dignified, virtuous, honorable
  • Example: Anna has a noble personality.

2. Nutritious

  • Definition: Food supply
  • Synonyms: healthy, wholesome, nutritious.
  • Example: She served us nutritious food.

3. Already

  • Definition: have a good influence or quality
  • Synonyms: good, good, nice
  • Example: Your sister is a very nice girl.

4. normal

  • Definition: what is typical or common
  • Synonyms: regular, habitual, frequent.
  • Example: We only play normal games.

5. Noetic

  • Definition: refers to the intellect or spirit
  • Synonyms: intelligent, cunning, rational.
  • Example: Our teacher is very noetic.

6. neat

  • Definition: free from dirt and defects
  • Synonyms: neat, tidy, neat, tidy
  • Example: My little brother keeps his room very tidy.

7. numinous

  • Definition: Pertaining to holiness or divinity
  • Synonyms: spiritual, divine, mystical.
  • Example: Have you seen the numinous beauty of this ancient landmark?

8. romano

  • Definition: one of a kind
  • Synonyms: rare, new, unusual, unique.
  • Example: She had a novel idea to solve the problem.

9. Non-toxic

  • Definition: without aggressive or harmful elements
  • Synonyms: benign, harmless, safe.
  • Example: He threw non-toxic waste onto the street.

10. grande

  • Definition: skillful and quick.
  • Synonyms: agile, swift, swift, skilful
  • Example: Your mind was so fast.

Negative adjectives that start with N

Below is a list of negative adjectives beginning with N. Not all noun modifications have a positive meaning. Some evoke memories of sad, unpleasant, or undesirable events in listeners and readers. There are positive and negative adjectives that begin with the letter N.

1. annoying

  • Definition: what is insignificant and small
  • Synonyms: petty, banal, minimal.
  • Example: I was in excruciating pain.

2. annoying

  • Definition: constantly criticize and find fault
  • Synonyms: criticize, complain, get irritated
  • Example: You have some annoying friends.

3. Embarrassing

  • Definition: evil or criminal
  • Synonyms: wicked, wicked, sinful.
  • Example: You were involved in some nefarious activities.

4. Narcissistic

  • Definition: Related to narcissism and self-obsession
  • Synonyms: selfish, self-obsessed, toxic
  • Example: She is a narcissistic actress.

5. Nervous

  • definition: characterized by nervousness
  • Synonyms: nervous, nervous, worried, anxious
  • Example: She was nervous and nervous.

6. Foggy

  • Definition: what cannot be deciphered with certainty
  • Synonyms: fuzzy, vague, unclear, not fixed
  • Example: These are some nebulous concepts.

7. Nonsense

  • Definition: characterized by absurdity and lack of logic.
  • Synonyms: gibberish, illogical, absurd, nonsense.
  • Example: He is a senseless child.

8. Myopic

  • Definition: formed by ignorance
  • Synonyms: ignorant, unaware, unconscious
  • Example: Everyone criticizes your myopic attitude.

9. unproductive

  • Definition: unable to produce favorable results
  • Synonyms: unproductive, unsuccessful, vain
  • Example: You must get rid of unproductive ideas.

10. No

  • Definition: non-standard form of no
  • Synonyms: none, no, never
  • Example: There was no complaint.

Adjectives that start with N to describe a person

Check out our list of adjectives that start with N to describe someone. Adjectives are used to characterize the distinctive traits of people, which are among their most important attributes. Try including N adjectives to describe a person in our everyday life.

1. Negligent

  • Definition: not paying attention and due consideration
  • Synonyms: despised, disregarded, inattentive
  • Example: He had a careless attitude.

2. nerd

  • Definition: not in line with trends
  • Synonyms: dull, dull, dull, old-fashioned
  • Example: She is a nerdy girl.

3. Impartial

  • Definition: without prejudice or partisanship
  • Synonyms: impartial, neutral, impartial.
  • Example: Judges must be impartial.

4. Notorious

  • Definition: inauspiciously and shamefully known
  • Synonyms: notorious, notorious, scandalous
  • Example: He is such a notorious boy.

5. Nude

  • Definition: without any cover or protection
  • Synonyms: discovered, exposed, unprotected.
  • Example: He undressed in the street.

6. Negative

  • Definition: believe in dire consequences
  • Synonyms: pessimistic, cynical, suspicious.
  • Example: She always thinks negatively.

7. Discreet

  • Definition: Missing distinctive or interesting features
  • Synonyms: bland, uninteresting, ordinary.
  • Example: She is a nondescript girl.

8. Nausea

  • Definition: Causing offense and disrespect
  • Synonyms: disrespectful, insulting, repulsive
  • Example: Juan is a disgusting person.

9. loco

  • definition: characterized by anger
  • Synonyms: angry, furious, furious
  • Example: My grandfather is very crazy.

10. Nonsense

  • Definition: ridiculously impractical or reckless
  • Synonyms: stupid, crazy, stupid.
  • Example: He is a meaningless person.

Adjectives that start with N to describe a place

How many unique places have you seen in total so far? How would you explain these places to someone who has never been there? Check out the following list of descriptive words beginning with N.

1. mar

  • Definition: full of noise or characterized by noise
  • Synonyms: rude, loud, noisy
  • Example: The cafe was crowded and noisy.

2. Not human

  • Definition: refers to existence without humans
  • Synonyms: no man, no man
  • Example: This house had a non-human existence.

3. Nightmare

  • Definition: very scary or uncomfortable
  • Synonyms: supernatural, monstrous, terrifying.
  • Example: There were nightmare scenarios in the mountains.

4. Narrow

  • Definition: of small width in relation to length
  • Synonyms: small, pointed, pointed.
  • Example: I was walking down the narrow street.

5. native

  • Definition: associated with a person's place of birth
  • Synonyms: mother, slang
  • Example: She is a native of New York.

6. Notable

  • Definition: worthy of attention; interesting or significant
  • Synonyms: remarkable, notable, interesting.
  • Example: The view from my house is remarkable.

7. Nameless

  • Definition: consciously unidentified; anonymous
  • Synonyms: anonymous, unidentified, anonymous
  • Example: She lives on a street with no name.

8. Navigable

  • definition: navigable by ships or boats
  • Synonyms: passable, negotiable, passable.
  • Example: We should use a navigable route.

9. Fence

  • Definition: not far; near
  • Synonyms: near, near, near
  • Example: He lives near my house.

10. Nobby

  • Definition: elegant; elegant
  • Synonyms: chic, elegant, stylish.
  • Example: Such an elegant cafe.

Adjectives beginning with N to describe emotions

This section of the article contains adjectives beginning with N. The entire human experience encompasses a dizzying array of feelings. You never feel like you can adequately communicate them to yourself or to others. There is no doubt that it is advantageous to use adjectives that begin with the letter N.

1. Taub

  • Definition: Deprived of the capacity for bodily sensation.
  • Synonyms: dazed, dazed, dead
  • Example: His face was numb from the cold.

2. stunned

  • Definition: so surprised and confused
  • Synonyms: confused, confused, amused
  • Example: John looked stunned.

3. Nausea

  • Definition: feel like vomiting
  • Synonyms: sick, dizzy, dizzy.
  • Example: You did not feel nauseated by the treatments.

4. Informal

  • Definition: feeling casually calm and relaxed
  • Synonyms: calm, cool, carefree.
  • Example: casually shrugged.

5. Naive

  • Definition: natural and intact; innocent
  • Synonyms: innocent, simple, naive.
  • Example: She gave a naive look.

6. Needy

  • Definition: lack of necessities of life; very poor
  • Synonyms: poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged.
  • Example: There were some needy and elderly people.

7. Sloppy

  • Definition: failing to provide adequate care or attention
  • Synonyms: negligent, negligent, negligent
  • Example: She became a careless guest.

8. Carelessness

  • definition: lack of proper care
  • Synonyms: expired, abandoned, ignored.
  • Example: He is a neglected child in the family.

9. Nervous

  • Definition: easily excited or alarmed
  • Synonyms: very tense, anxious, nervous
  • Example: Zee is a sensitive and nervous person.

10. wickedness

  • Definition: very bad or unpleasant
  • Synonyms: nasty, nasty, disgusting
  • Example: He had unpleasant behaviors.

Descriptive adjectives beginning with N

Adjectives are often used to characterize a person because they provide a more specific and clear understanding. We have discussed descriptive words that start with N. Read on to expand your vocabulary. Check out our collection of N adjectives for more information.

1. Curious

  • Definition: Investigate something blatantly labeled as curiosity.
  • Synonyms: curious, nosy, curious
  • Example: We have nosy neighbors.

2. mar

  • Definition: Tendency to offend and annoy others.
  • Synonyms: disgusting, offensive, disgusting.
  • Example: He is such a loud guy.

3. naughty

  • definition: annoyingly playful
  • Synonyms: mischievous, mischievous, goblin, playful
  • Example: Your sister is very naughty.

4. Required

  • Definition: must be present for the desired result
  • Synonyms: necessary, required, necessary, necessary
  • Example: She gave me the money I needed.

5. Neoteric

  • definition: the present
  • Synonyms: modern, current, trendy
  • Example: He likes neoteric musicians.

6. National

  • Definition: of a nation
  • Synonym: Country, State, Land
  • Example: each nation respects its national heroes.

7. Rising

  • Definition: Beginning of formation or development.
  • Synonyms: arise, develop, sprout, begin.
  • Example: I work in the emerging space industry.

8. Negotiable

  • Definition: Open to negotiation and discussion
  • Synonyms: controversial, flexible, controversial.
  • Example: Your claims were negotiable.

9. Necessary

  • Definition: what is required
  • Synonyms: essential, obligatory, indispensable.
  • Example: We have taken the necessary steps for our route.

10. Neun Mal

  • Definition: marked with a glossy finish
  • Synonyms: radiant, brilliant, brilliant, luminous.
  • Example: I like your simple beauty.

Unusual adjectives starting with N to improve your vocabulary

The following list contains unusual adjectives that begin with N. How many of these unusual adjectives that begin with N do you use in speaking and writing every day?

1. refined

  • Definition: characterized by goodness and excellence
  • Synonyms: great, good, excellent, brilliant
  • Example: You wrote some nice notes.

2. Back

  • Definition: cause anger and resentment
  • Synonyms: annoying, bothersome, irritating
  • Example: We have some sensitive regional disputes.

3. harmful

  • Definition: which can lead to damage and injury
  • Synonyms: harmful, poisonous, deadly.
  • Example: I was overwhelmed by noxious vapors.

4. fall asleep

  • Definition: Causing insensitivity to physical stimuli.
  • Synonyms: callous, callous, cold.
  • Example: It was stifling cold there.

5. Clarity

  • definition: interconnected
  • Synonyms: netted, netted, lacy, webby
  • Example: You used web-like art patterns.

6. You never fail

  • Definition: that cannot fall
  • Synonyms: infallible, infallible, sure.
  • Example: We must plan an approach that never fails.

7. Nuevo

  • Definition: what is contemporary and fashionable.
  • Synonyms: modern, updated, current.
  • Example: She is known for her novelty fashion.


  • Definition: marked with a rough surface
  • Synonyms: chunky, lumpy, coarse
  • Example: I have a plush blue cotton dress.

9. Regulation

  • Definition: relative to rules
  • Synonyms: usual, standard, regulatory.
  • Example: She has normative behavior.

10. Unmatched

  • Definition: characterized by characteristics of perfection.
  • Synonyms: ideal, incomparable, incomparable, nothing like that.
  • Example: He is an incomparable storyteller.

Adjectives beginning with N - full list (562 words)

In this article, we look at a variety of adjectives that start with the letter N. This list of adjectives that start with N is the most comprehensive compilation of its kind to be found anywhere on the web.

  • nurtured
  • Nonviolent
  • Naked
  • Neurotic
  • Neutral
  • not aggressive
  • uncivilized
  • Numerous
  • Nationalist
  • no verbal
  • Edel
  • nutritious
  • Bonito
  • Normal
  • noetic
  • Sauber
  • numinous
  • romano
  • not toxic
  • Considerable
  • persistent
  • setter
  • shameful
  • Narcissistic
  • Highly strung
  • Foggy
  • disparate
  • myopic
  • Unproductive
  • Nary
  • Careless
  • nerd
  • impartial
  • Notorious
  • Naked
  • Negative
  • Mediocre
  • Place
  • Loco
  • disparate
  • Mar
  • Inhuman
  • nightmarish
  • ing
  • Indigenous
  • Notable
  • Nameless
  • Navigable
  • Neighborhood
  • Elegant
  • aturdir
  • Perplexed
  • nausea
  • Quietly
  • Naive
  • needy
  • Careless
  • Careless
  • Highly strung
  • Mean
  • Curious
  • Mar
  • Fresco
  • Necessary
  • neoteric
  • National
  • In progress
  • Negotiable
  • Necessary
  • for the ninth time
  • Refined
  • back
  • Harmful
  • anesthetic
  • clarity
  • It never fails
  • novel
  • Nubby
  • Normative
  • Incomparable
  • nausea
  • Narcotic
  • neuroanatomy
  • nurture
  • Indigestible
  • no segmentario
  • neuronically
  • Non-existent
  • non-residential building
  • Newtonian
  • Excluded from the exchange
  • negro
  • Unconsciously
  • nectar
  • nosocomial
  • not disposable
  • not owner
  • non-persistent
  • not collectible
  • not infectious
  • no choice
  • normotenso
  • not resonant
  • Norman
  • you do not run
  • not integrated
  • no union
  • not telescopic
  • no metal
  • Elegant
  • heading north
  • nymphomaniac
  • neckless
  • Unprofessional
  • not transferable
  • Impartial
  • Neuralgic
  • narcoleptic
  • numeric
  • not military
  • like a net
  • Castrate
  • Natal
  • Uncritical
  • napolitano
  • not bubbly
  • Nordic
  • inelastic
  • Insensible
  • Japanese
  • not repetitive
  • Nichtaufmerksam
  • Insensible
  • Skinny body
  • without materials
  • not by default
  • Nomadic
  • are not significant
  • loaded
  • not restrictive
  • Some
  • northwest
  • involuntarily
  • not martial
  • nourishing
  • non psychoactive
  • Newborn
  • Fictional
  • nazi
  • non-taxable
  • Not by chance
  • not radioactive
  • Nigerian
  • not immune
  • non absorbent
  • Narrative
  • non-poisonous
  • without nose
  • not magnetic
  • It is not flammable
  • not syllabic
  • non-alcoholic
  • no causal
  • perceptible
  • nourishing
  • Niceno
  • no mortal
  • nasopharyngeal
  • intangible
  • not parasitic
  • non-cyclic
  • Night
  • Out of service
  • Notifiable
  • lifeless
  • neoliberals
  • No industrial
  • not progressive
  • non-protractile
  • not exploratory
  • still
  • non reflective
  • non reflective
  • non-rigid
  • nominal
  • northeast
  • numbered
  • not institutionalized
  • Empty
  • not resistant
  • not operational
  • more to the north
  • nepalese
  • Curious
  • non-steroidal
  • not purulent
  • I don't ski
  • maiden
  • Inferior
  • Nasal
  • not sticky
  • Night
  • No frills
  • not exempt
  • red
  • no kosher
  • not submersible
  • not symbiotic
  • nonparametric
  • nomothetic
  • neoteno
  • Non-sectarian
  • not collapsible
  • Norwegian
  • nucleando
  • Nodular
  • Helpless
  • none
  • Neuroglia
  • neurogenic
  • neolithic
  • Uncountable
  • I flee from the nest
  • neotenic
  • Nostalgic
  • non-denominational
  • nonlinear
  • no particular
  • Necessary
  • Indisputable
  • namibia
  • you will not know
  • not reciprocal
  • nutritional physiology
  • no cell phone
  • non-conducting
  • non-cyclic
  • no metamorfo
  • Unnecessary
  • not volatile
  • nibbled
  • non-territorial
  • neuromotor
  • nourishing
  • don't go to church
  • No reversible
  • neuronal
  • apolitical
  • Norte
  • non-native
  • neoplastic
  • nestoriano
  • naturist
  • Nichttraduccional
  • no mortal
  • It is not flammable
  • Nodular
  • non-poisonous
  • not overlapping
  • Spend the night
  • nurture
  • Non deductible
  • Notable
  • not lexical
  • neurotropic
  • northeast
  • not convergent
  • not modern
  • fat free
  • in the resinous
  • Nidícola
  • Non refundable
  • Naturally
  • Nordic
  • neuromuscular
  • not viable
  • unrepresentative
  • Neo
  • northwest
  • nationwide
  • Nichtassoziativ
  • neighborhood
  • unstructured
  • nephrotoxic
  • no causal
  • idiot
  • nosohusial
  • non abrasive
  • non-technical
  • Northbound
  • not hierarchical
  • to the neck
  • nephritic
  • Not literally
  • not washable
  • neoclassic
  • not nomadic
  • Fog
  • not conforming
  • in the photosynthetic
  • no hikers
  • northeast
  • narcotics
  • non-oscillating
  • Neto
  • no comercial
  • Narial
  • in the resinous
  • non-fissile
  • non-unionized
  • not selectable
  • non-invasive
  • non thermal
  • honeycomb
  • not complete
  • not hairy
  • without flavor
  • It's not mandatory
  • Non Institutional
  • Naturalist
  • Not binding
  • non-renewable
  • not chosen
  • Naiant
  • not adjacent
  • Numidian
  • not classic
  • nourishing
  • Miefig
  • involuntarily
  • neighborhood
  • unequal
  • Nozizeptiv
  • anti-slip
  • not racist
  • non-normative
  • Without scales
  • you are injured
  • Necessary
  • Nigerian
  • not rational
  • new found
  • not in parallel
  • not exclusive
  • not woody
  • commented
  • Anxious
  • not heritable
  • nonionic
  • Null
  • not reciprocal
  • mother of pearl
  • newborn
  • without a column
  • calorie free
  • Neritisch
  • noachian
  • numeric
  • Nilotic
  • no racial
  • Nautical
  • non-fissile
  • Not pregnant
  • Impersonal
  • non-enzymatic
  • Accountant
  • In his nineties
  • non destructive
  • non arboreal
  • not aggressive
  • no visual
  • Not aligned
  • not aged
  • not volatile
  • non porous
  • not spherical
  • non-conductive
  • It is not flammable
  • you will not tie yourself
  • not telescopic
  • not commissioned
  • non-metallic
  • uneducated
  • no designable
  • sparkling
  • not rhythmic
  • Northernmost
  • nativist
  • not literary
  • not synthetic
  • No prescription
  • managed
  • unspecific
  • stunned
  • Useful
  • non-linguistic
  • nicea
  • Nuclear
  • not collapsible
  • not intellectual
  • not heritable
  • not figurative
  • Marina
  • Disadvantageous
  • no prognosis
  • not concentric
  • not mechanistic
  • not purulent
  • Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood
  • not mechanical
  • terrified
  • not conforming
  • not synchronized
  • Untransferable
  • Not negociable
  • still
  • no pin
  • Antisocial
  • nilpotente
  • non-sovereign
  • It is not the same
  • non-adaptive
  • nativist
  • nominated
  • Nonconformist
  • not financial
  • Navikular
  • Private
  • do not absorb
  • Not traditional
  • anti-slip
  • non carrier
  • Nicaraguan
  • Navy blue
  • in a northeasterly direction
  • Not binding
  • non-ionized
  • not physical
  • lower
  • nanocephalic
  • Neurological
  • not separated
  • non-adhesive
  • non explosive
  • Now in
  • Illegal
  • all night
  • without carbonic acid
  • naive
  • not assertive
  • Comprehensive
  • I laugh
  • not newspaper
  • Clumsy
  • non-spatial
  • Next
  • not exploratory
  • not entrepreneur
  • no polar
  • noted
  • nuevo
  • not replaceable
  • not negative
  • neocortical
  • Without foolishnesses
  • Napoleonic
  • Nominal
  • no medicinal
  • misty
  • cannot be combined
  • neuromatoso
  • indisputable
  • not sexual
  • Excluded from the exchange
  • non-adsorbent
  • impartial
  • not infectious
  • eyelashes
  • you are not forgiving
  • non surgical
  • does not bloom
  • neurastheniker
  • not hereditary
  • nucleate
  • no musical
  • northwest
  • not viscous
  • nectar
  • newsworthy
  • neanderthals
  • Antimango
  • Untransferable
  • nonaddictive
  • natriuretic
  • do not open
  • nomination
  • not continuously
  • without flavor
  • not harmonic
  • not consecutive
  • not monotonous
  • no granular
  • neuroendocrino
  • nonprofit
  • Neurobiology
  • not being able to compete
  • non-combatant
  • Nodular
  • in the combinative
  • nut brown
  • nonresidents
  • Nazarene
  • it's not natural
  • Its fine
  • not sweaty
  • Nubile
  • noctilucente
  • neanderthals
  • silent
  • You are not connected
  • digit
  • not collectible
  • non-adsorbent
  • Non objective
  • not subjective
  • Nitric acid
  • Marriage
  • Neurological
  • no reticulable
  • numerological
  • Useless
  • Nichtkristallin
  • not autonomous
  • Intangible
  • Norte
  • neanderthals
  • Nordic
  • it's not free time
  • neuronal
  • not submersible
  • Narcotic
  • northwest
  • not talking
  • no imitativo
  • Adjacent
  • Nichtturbulento
  • Untransferable
  • In
  • Nepali
  • no sociable
  • Undecided
  • Unchristian
  • not couple
  • educated neck
  • necromancer
  • involuntarily
  • irrelevant
  • not hierarchical
  • Nationalist
  • they do not chew again
  • Nihilistic

Final Thoughts on Adjectives Beginning with N

These adjectives, beginning with N, will help you write more completely and accurately, and to express your ideas in a way that is clear and engaging to your audience. So, to learn faster, be sure to try using these adjectives starting with N. These descriptive words starting with N will surely help you increase your English vocabulary.

Before using these words, be sure to repeat the adjectives that start with N several times. We are sure that using these adjectives will impress your acquaintances with your command of English.

We hope you managed to find the information you were looking for. Congratulations and thanks for reading our article on adjectives starting with N. As you may have already noticed, adjectives play a crucial role in our everyday conversations.


What adjectives describe someone that starts with the letter N? ›

A few positive words that start with the letter N that can be used to describe someone include: Nice, Noteworthy, Noble, Nifty, Nerdy, Neighborly, Neat, and Nurturing.

What is a positive adjective that starts with N? ›

The most common positive words that start with the letter 'n' include: nice, novel, noble, nourishing, nurturing, notable and noble-minded. You might like to use these words to describe people, experiences, or things that bring you happiness, joy, and positivity.

What are examples of adjectives that describe nouns? ›

Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns: enormous, doglike, silly, yellow, fun, fast.

What adjectives start with I to describe a person with meaning? ›

A few positive words that start with the letter I that can be used to describe someone include: Idealistic, Impartial, Impressive, Inclusive, Independent, Innovative, Insightful, Inspiring, and Intuitive.

What are fancy words that start with N? ›

Full list of words from this list:
  • nadir. the lowest point of anything. ...
  • naive. marked by or showing unaffected simplicity. ...
  • naivete. lack of sophistication or worldliness. ...
  • narcissist. someone who is excessively self-centered. ...
  • narrative. consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story. ...
  • nascent. ...
  • nationalism. ...
  • native.

What word starts with N? ›

List of things that start with N
5 more rows

What is a synonym for good n? ›

adj.pleasant, fine. adj.moral, virtuous. adj.competent, skilled. adj.useful, adequate.

Which adjective is a na adjective? ›

Na-adjectives can be conveniently defined as all those that don't end with い with just a few exceptions. The exceptions are “beautiful” (きれい), “hate” (きらい), and “grateful/happy” (さいわい) which look like い adjectives, but in fact conjugate as na-adjectives.

What are some French adjectives that start with N? ›

néo-calédonien (géog., O.T.) néocalédonien (géog., N.O.) néo-natal (O.T.) néonatal (N.O.)

What are the 20 examples of adjective? ›

Strong adjectives + examples
  • very noisy = deafening.
  • very painful = excruciating.
  • very poor = destitute.
  • very damaging/upsetting = devastating.
  • very beautiful = gorgeous.
  • very busy = swamped.
  • very crowded = packed.
  • very happy/excited = thrilled.

What are 10 adjectives examples? ›

Ans. 10 adjectives examples are Ashamed, Adorable, Attractive, Beautiful, Awful, Aggressive, Cruel, Clever, Tasty, Jealous.

What are 10 adjectives words to describe a person? ›

Positive Adjectives
20 more rows
Dec 23, 2019

What is the best adjective to describe a person? ›

Some of the adjectives that we can use are – affable, amicable, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, classy, precious, impressive, irreplaceable, trustworthy, understanding, sweet, etc. These are just a few examples.

What adjectives start with E to describe a person positively? ›

What words start with the letter E to describe someone? A few positive words that start with the letter that can be used to describe someone include: Enthusiastic, Empathetic, Excited, Enlightened, Enchanting, Educated, Eco-friendly, and Eloquent.

What can letter N stand for? ›

N or n is used as an abbreviation for words beginning with N or n, such as 'north', ' northern', or 'noun'.

What is a 4 letter word with N? ›

What are Four Letter Words that Start with N? The Four Letter Words that Start with N are nest, next, neat, nine, neck, nice, noun, news, noon, nova, nope, near, nada, name, note, nerd, nail, nosy, none, etc.

What is a 7 letter word that starts with N? ›

7-letter words starting with N
25 more rows

What letters can go after N? ›

Notes. Five of the letters in the English Alphabet are vowels: A, E, I, O, U. The remaining 21 letters are consonants: B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y.

What fall words start with N? ›

Aacorn, activity, almond, amber, apple, apple cider, apple pie, autumn
Kkatydid, kettle
Llate, leaf, leaves, logs, lunchbox
Mmagnificent, maze, maple, mask, Mayflower, migrate, migration, months, moonlit, mushrooms
NNative American, nature, November, nuts, nest
21 more rows
Jul 13, 2022

What are synonyms for beautiful that start with N? ›

  • Natty neat, smart and fashionable; dapper; tidy.
  • Nice agreeable and pleasing; pleasant; of good reputation and character; good.
  • Nice-looking pleasing or attractive to the eye.
  • Nobby elegant; fashionable; stylish; chic; smart; aristocratic.

What are 5 better words for good? ›

  • nice.
  • honorable.
  • ethical.
  • honest.
  • decent.
  • true.
  • moral.
  • worthy.

What is a stronger word than good? ›

Superb, outstanding, and terrific are synonyms for very good.

Is spicy a na adjective? ›

spicy adjective (FOOD)

What is the past tense short form of NA-adjectives? ›

To get the past form of NA-adjectives, you add DATTA at the end of the adjectives. So, SUKI (to like, be fond of) becomes SUKI DATTA (liked, was(were) fond of). BENRI (convenient) becomes BENRI DATTA (was convenient). To turn NA-adjectives into the past negative, you add DEWA NAKATTA.

How do you use NA-adjectives? ›

Just like い-adjectives, な-adjectives can be used in two positions to describe a noun: at the end of a sentence, and right before a noun. な-adjectives can do a little more than い-adjectives though. Some な-adjectives can function like a noun, and serve as the subject or object of a sentence.

What animal in French has an n? ›

N is for narval, or narwhal. O is for ours, or bear. P is for pingouin, or penguin. Q is for quiscale, or grackle.

What are words that start with n in Spanish? ›

spanish wordenglish translation
12 more rows

Is the letter n pronounced in French? ›

The letter N at the beginning of any word or syllable is pronounced like the English N, except that it is dental rather than alveolar (see consonant lesson, "place of articulation"). Phonetic symbol: [n]. N after a vowel usually makes that vowel nasal, unless the n is followed by a vowel or another n.

What are adjectives for 100 years old? ›

A person who is 100 years old or older is a centenarian.

What are the 30 examples of adjectives? ›

A-D List of Adjective Words
19 more rows
Jun 14, 2022

What are the 12 types of adjectives? ›

Some of the main types of adjectives are:
  • Attributive adjectives.
  • Predicative adjectives.
  • Comparative adjectives.
  • Superlative adjectives.
  • Coordinate adjectives.
  • Appositive adjectives.
  • Compound adjectives.
  • Participial adjectives.
Aug 21, 2022

What are the 25 adjectives? ›

25 Most Common Adjectives
  • good.
  • new.
  • first.
  • last.
  • long.
  • great.
  • little.
  • own.

What are the 7 types of adjectives with examples? ›

Table – 8 Types of Adjectives With Examples
NumberTypesExample Adjectives
5Demonstrativethis, that, these, those
6Distributiveeach, every, either, neither
7Interrogativewhat, whose, which
8Possessivemy, your, his, her, its, our, their
4 more rows

Is 100 an adjective? ›

noun, plural hun·dreds, (as after a numeral) hun·dred. a cardinal number, ten times ten.

What are the 9 adjectives? ›

9 Types Of Adjectives All Writers Should Know
  • Descriptive adjectives.
  • Quantitative adjectives.
  • Demonstrative adjectives.
  • Proper adjectives.
  • Possessive adjectives.
  • Interrogative adjectives.
  • Distributive adjectives.
  • Compound adjectives.

What are 5 adjectives to describe a nice person? ›

You can talk to him easily, and he's very friendly:
  • Affable — He's easy to talk to.
  • Agreeable — He's enjoyable to talk to.
  • Amiable — He's friendly and nice.
  • Charming — He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him.
  • Polite — He's good at saying “please,” “thank you,” etc.
  • Likeable — He's easy to like.
Dec 8, 2016

What are 10 nouns to describe a person? ›

Jump to activity:
  • affable.
  • amiable.
  • benevolent.
  • blithesome.
  • charitable.
  • charming.
  • debonair.
  • empathetic.

What are positive adjectives? ›

What are Positive Adjectives? Positive adjectives describe people, places, and things in a positive way. Using these noun modifiers, you can express emotions such as satisfaction, love, amusement, hope, and more. Here are a few examples of sentences that use good emotional words: Steve is happy today.

What are words to describe someone you love? ›

  • affectionate.
  • adoring.
  • passionate.
  • devoted.
  • warm.
  • fond.
  • caring.
  • compassionate.

What are positive words that start with B to describe a person? ›

A few positive words that start with the letter B that can be used to describe someone include: Beautiful, Benevolent, Bold, Bright, Brave, Bright-eyed, Brilliant, Bubbly, and Buoyant.

What are positive adjectives that start with M? ›

A few positive words that start with the letter M that can be used to describe someone include: Madam, Modest, Magnanimous, Magnificent, Marvelous, Meritorious, Mirthful, Motivated, Muscular, Mysterious, Magnetic, and Mythical.

What are 5 different adjectives to describe a person? ›

Some of the adjectives that we can use are – affable, amicable, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, classy, precious, impressive, irreplaceable, trustworthy, understanding, sweet, etc. These are just a few examples.

What is a good word to describe someone's character? ›

Full list of words from this list:
  • humble. marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful.
  • brave. possessing or displaying courage.
  • courageous. able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching.
  • serious. of great consequence.
  • resourceful. adroit or imaginative.
  • stubborn. ...
  • loyal. ...
  • gullible.

What is a really good word to describe someone? ›

More Positive Words to Describe a Person
  • amicable.
  • buoyant.
  • cherubic.
  • conscientious.
  • considerate.
  • cordial.
  • courteous.
  • glamorous.

How do you describe someone you love in one word? ›

  • affectionate.
  • adoring.
  • passionate.
  • devoted.
  • warm.
  • fond.
  • caring.
  • compassionate.

Can you list five adjectives to describe yourself? ›

Here's how you might describe yourself in five words: I would say that I'm motivated, analytical, creative, encouraging, and friendly. Motivation comes naturally to me and I've always been a self-starter.

How do you describe a fun loving person? ›

adjective. enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way; spirited; playful: fun-loving friends.

What are the 13 adjectives? ›

Common types of adjectives
  • Comparative adjectives.
  • Superlative adjectives.
  • Predicate adjectives.
  • Compound adjectives.
  • Possessive adjectives.
  • Demonstrative adjectives.
  • Proper adjectives.
  • Participial adjectives.
Aug 9, 2021

How do you describe someone who gets along with everyone? ›

Some common synonyms of sociable are affable, cordial, genial, and gracious. While all these words mean "markedly pleasant and easy in social intercourse," sociable suggests a genuine liking for the companionship of others.

How do you describe a smart person? ›

  • astute.
  • brainy.
  • bright.
  • brilliant.
  • creative.
  • imaginative.
  • inventive.
  • knowledgeable.

What do you call a lazy person who avoids work? ›

layabout. noun. someone who is lazy and avoids work or anything that involves any effort.


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