I can't stop buying shoelaces (to Zhuzh My White Sneakers) (2023)


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I can't stop buying shoelaces (to Zhuzh My White Sneakers) (1)

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If one were to make an overview of the most impracticalsneakerscolors, certainlywhitewould be at the top of this list. But somehowWhite shoesThey're a staple in my wardrobe, and pretty much everyone. Figure-hugging black pants, a baggy sweater and impeccable clothes.White shoesThey've basically been my go-to uniform for the last decade. I've bought countless pairs of white LaCoste trainers, a few from Tod's, a handful from Rag & Bone, and on cheaper days even a few from Gucci (the ones with the shiny golden bees).

Although he is a neat and anally reserved person,wear my shoes hard. While most white sneakers will eventually need to be replaced (that is, if you still want them to look like white sneakers), I've found that, just like a belt or necklace, they can drastically transform an outfit, shifting different pairs of laces on my various white sneakers was a quick and easy way to extend their life and (sort of) make them look new again. Read on for all the laces I use to freshen up my shoes, from the chunky skater's kit I wear to improve my reputation on the street, to the laces I always wear when it rains until towards aManagerPair (which also have gold tips) when I really want to stand out. While I prefer mine in white (mostly), I've noticed which pairs come in other colors for those who might be braver than me.

The laces I wear all the time

This Miscly company is great. The red packaging and wavy logo is fun (and that's what first caught my eye) and the lanyards come in little plastic bags that can help store them between uses. I would say this is a pretty consistent resource. Although they're basic polyester laces, they're well made: they're tightly woven and, in my experience, show no signs of fraying. They are sold in sets of 3 so you always have spares and they come in a few other colors besides white including red, blue, black, brown and grey.

I use the backup laces all the time


The more often you change your laces, the more experienced you become. I'm almost ready to start my own YouTube channel and tie shoelaces against a countdown clock. These, which I will wear almost as often as my Misclys, are thick and flat meaning they tend to stay tied. The tightly woven, fleshy design looks great on almost any sneaker, and they come in eight length options (as well as five colors other than white), so there's definitely a style for everyone.

I use the laces when it rains

As children, learning to tie our shoes is a pivotal moment. As adults, we rarely, if ever, think about it. Creative name Pimp My Shoes, based in the UK (like me) make quality flat shoelaces in a variety of lengths. The brand has an easy-to-follow shoe length guide (which breaks down the best lengths based on the number of eyelets on a shoe), making them ideal for rainy days, as there's nothing worse than a pair of long laces getting long,soggyshoelaces when you walk out the door.

The laces I wear around town at night

Shoelaces first came to England in 1792 when they began to replace the ornate and ornate buckles on shoes, which fell out of fashion after the French Revolution. I can't help but feel like there's something reminiscent of that story with those gold-tipped shoelaces. They turn out to be perfect partners for a casual-formal look, for example when I combine my white sneakers with a jumpsuit or a pencil skirt.

I wear the laces for even more drama

These gold-tipped waxed shoelaces are said to last more than three times longer than regular shoelaces. I don't know what the brand is basing this claim on, but from the moment they arrived it was clear that these Loop King laces are built for quality. They're slim - less than half an inch wide, to be precise - which makes each sneaker look extra luxe, and their golden toes are made even more radiant by the finely engraved logo of the brand.

The laces I wear for Street Credential

I ordered it once by mistake when I was in a rush. I had already thrown away my old laces so I just had to go with them. There's something nostalgic about the chunky white laces, a nod to '90s skateboard culture. I don't use them that often, but they're a fun couple in my mix. Besides white, these come in more eye-catching colors like red, blue, and even pink.

I use the laces for a complete upgrade

Leather is one of those things that is in style yet never goes out of style. The material always seems to be reincarnated as something cool, like these laces that are definitely not made for everyday use. They stand out, don't always wear well, and can be difficult to tie. But they are so unique. With their gold plated ends, they have just the right amount of I thinkMiami ViceStyle, in a good way. Like the Loop King laces, these have the brand's logo etched very faintly on their tips.

The laces I wear when I'm feeling brave

In Before Times, while visiting an exhibition at the Royal Academy, I came across this lively lace by Banvard and James in the museum's gift shop. Founded in 2013 by two quintessentially English brothers, the company aims to give classic designs and accessories a bespoke twist. Despite billing itself as a men's brand, I really don't think shoelaces have a gender, certainly not in 2020, so I bought a stylish pair in burgundy. Their color makes them stand out even more than my hardware-tipped laces, so I save them for days when I feel exceptionally taken care of.

[Editor's Note: Banvard & James lists all prices in Pounds Sterling, therefore the price shown is an approximate conversion to US Dollars.]

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I can't stop buying shoelaces (to Zhuzh My White Sneakers)


What is the spiritual meaning of shoe laces coming undone? ›

The superstition on the right side of your shoe is that it means you are being praised. So if the right lace comes untied, it could mean that someone is saying good things about you. If the left lace of your shoe comes undone while walking, then it means someone is gossiping behind your back.

How do you clean white laces with baking soda and vinegar? ›

For a vinegar mixture, use a 1:1 ratio — one part water to one part vinegar. Instead of submerging your laces, rub the vinegar mixture over your shoelace stains with a cloth or toothbrush, then rinse clean and air dry. To use baking soda, make a paste with four tablespoons of baking soda and four ounces of water.

What Bible reference is shoe lace? ›

Luke 3:16. John responded by saying to everyone: “Indeed, I baptize you with water. But there will arrive one stronger than me, the laces of whose shoes I am not worthy to loosen. He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit, and with fire.”

What is the memory of tying your shoes? ›

The answer is C: Procedural Memory. This is because procedural memory allows us to perform tasks without conscious awareness of our previous experiences. Examples of this include remembering how to tie your shoes, or remembering how to ride a bike.

What is the superstition about broken shoelaces? ›

My aunt always said if you break a shoelace first thing in the morning, you'll have bad luck three times that day.”

Why do my shoelaces always come untied? ›

The shoelace knot comes untied due to the same sort of motion,” said Gregg, a Berkeley Chancellor's Fellow. “The forces that cause this are not from a person pulling on the free end, but from the inertial forces of the leg swinging back and forth while the knot is loosened from the shoe repeatedly striking the ground.”

What are the ends of shoe laces called? ›

It is an aglet, derived from a middle English term used to describe the metal ends put on ropes, by dipping the end of the rope in molten metal. These ends served, as your shoelace aglets do, to help guide the rope through eyeholes.

Why are shoelaces always too long? ›

The most likely reason for the excessive shoelace length is that manufacturers select from a smaller range of “stock lengths” rather than tailoring the length to each new shoe style. For example, suppose a new sneaker design requires an ideal shoelace length of 47 inches.

Does Clorox whiten shoelaces? ›

Answer. To whiten shoelaces like the cotton ones on athletic shoes and sneakers, you can try soaking them in a solution of ¼ cup Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach added to 1 gallon of water.

Does hydrogen peroxide clean laces? ›

You can utilize either bleach or hydrogen peroxide to lighten your shoelace fibers, but not both. Never mix these two cleaning solutions or use them one after another.

Will peroxide whiten shoe laces? ›

What natural cleaner can be used to whiten shoelaces? You can use white distilled vinegar (1 part vinegar to 1 part water), hydrogen peroxide (1 part peroxide to 4 parts water), or baking soda (1 part baking soda to 2 parts water) to whiten your laces instead of using bleach.

Why do people not lace their shoes? ›

The most frequent answers included, “to reduce tension if the shoe was too small”, “to prevent creasing of the shoe”, “because I never learned how to tie shoes (sad)” and to “give a clean look”.

Does it matter how you lace your shoes? ›

Shoe lacing techniques can help with shoe fit problems. Simple changes in how you lace your shoes can help if you have a wide foot, narrow heel, wide instep, narrow foot, or if your heel slips in and out of your shoe. Changing your lacing pattern will affect the shoe's fit, so use caution after making a change.

Do you hide shoe laces? ›

Hiding your laces can make your look more sleek and clean. It can also help if you don't like the lace color of the shoes you've bought and want to make them less visible. By lacing the shoes with straight "bars" instead of crosses, you can reduce the amount of lace that can be seen on the top of the shoe.

Which shoe did Jesus wear? ›

He walked in sandals, as implied in multiple Biblical passages (see Matthew 3:11; Mark 1:7, 6:9; John 1:27), and we now know what ancient Judaean sandals were like as they have been preserved in dry caves by the Dead Sea.

What were shoes like in Jesus time? ›

In the desert caves close to the Dead Sea and Masada, sandals from the time of Jesus have come to light, so we can see exactly what they were like. They were very simple, with the soles made of thick pieces of leather sewn together, and the upper parts made of straps of leather going through the toes.

Who was told to remove shoes in the Bible? ›

In verse 6 this Messenger identified himself as God. He told Moses to remove his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. There's your answer: Moses was standing on holy ground. Taking off one's shoes was and still is a sign of reverence, humility, and respect.

How long do you spend tying shoes in your life? ›

It's estimated that over a lifetime a person will spend 973 hours simply tying their shoes.

Why should you tie your left shoe first? ›

Men tie their left shoe first because of the connection between tying shoes and tying tefillin; since tefillin is tied on the left arm, men show honor to the left side by tying their left shoes first. Since women do not wear tefillin (Rama OC 38:3), the left shoe does not have special significance for women.

What is the average age to tie shoes? ›

Parents typically think about tying shoes just before, or around Kindergarten. However, many children are around age 6 or older when they are ready to learn this task. This is because this task requires fine motor skills of dexterity, in-hand manipulation, and bilateral coordination.

What does purple shoelaces mean? ›

Purple: Gay Pride. Purple is a color that's been associated with the gay pride movement for many years. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was commonly used on clothing and accessories to show support for the LGBTQ community.

Why do you tie laces around your ankles? ›

Players who tie their laces around their ankles often do so because their skate laces are too long. Your local pro shop sells laces in various sizes. Some players skate barefoot. Some skate with a thin or thick pair of socks.

Is it bad luck to wear someone else's shoes? ›

Some cultures believe you inherit the karma and life energy of those whose shoes you wear, so you risk bad luck by wearing someone else's shoes. But you also could inherit good luck by “walking a mile” in a successful person's shoes.

Why are shoelaces so popular? ›

For someone to travel by foot safely and quickly the shoes one is wearing need to fit securely and comfortably on ones foot. Shoelaces provided this function.

What are flat laces called? ›

Very wide flat laces are often called "fat laces".

What are bungee laces? ›

They combine an incredibly tough elastic bungee cord with a spring-loaded lock; giving firm, secure and comfortable fit to your shoes, eliminating the need to tie laces so saving you time between your transitions during a triathlon.

Can you replace an aglet? ›

If you're thinking about tossing old used shoelaces right now just because the ends have frayed, think again sweet child. That little plastic shiny piece at the end (what the pros refer to as an aglet) can be replaced.

Does baking soda whiten shoelaces? ›

Make a baking soda paste by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 4oz of water. Cover the shoelaces with the baking soda paste and let them sit in a small bowl for 15 minutes. After soaking, rinse the laces thoroughly and air dry.

How do you clean white sneakers? ›

Combine baking soda with an equal amount of a mixture that's half water and half hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste. After making sure all excess dirt is brushed off of the canvas parts of your sneakers, apply the mixture. Let your shoes sit for around four hours until the mixture has hardened.

Does OxiClean clean shoelaces? ›

OxiClean™ White Revive™ can help to clean your shoelaces so they match the refreshed look of your sneakers. Mix 1 scoop of OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover Powder per gallon of the warmest water recommended by the garment care label. Dissolve completely and submerge shoelaces.

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for white shoes? ›

3% hydrogen peroxide not only removes stains and brightens whites, but it also disinfects your shoes from harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can make a paste by mixing two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide. Use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture to the soles and uppers of your shoes.

Does bleach destroy lace? ›

Bleach is hazardous to lace because the harsh chemicals eat away at the fibers while they whiten them. It contains hydrochloric acid, which reacts with the molecular structure of a stain and destroys it.

Does Toothpaste whiten shoelaces? ›

If your shoelaces are stained, you can remove the stubborn stains using bleach, baking soda, or toothpaste.

How long should you soak shoelaces in bleach? ›

How to clean white shoelaces
  1. Remove the laces. Remove the laces from the shoes.
  2. Place laces in a bucket of bleach and cold water. Clean white shoelaces with bleach – this will help remove nasty stains. ...
  3. Soak for five minutes then remove. ...
  4. Put in washing machine and wash between 40 and 60 degrees.
Nov 9, 2020

How do you lighten yellowed lace? ›

The safest way to whiten and brighten lace is to use an oxygen-based bleach. In a sink or bathtub-something large enough to completely submerge the lace-mix a solution of warm water and the oxygen-based bleach (OxiClean, Clorox 2, Country Save Bleach, or Purex 2 Color Safe Bleach are some brand names).

What are Nike lock laces? ›

Laces and lace lock

It's a velcro based system on the tongue meant to keep your laces in place. It's a good idea, but leaves exposed velcro whether you use the system or not.

Are you supposed to tie air forces? ›

Carefully loosen the laces in the second top eyelets as well, adjusting the tongue and the top eyelets as you go until you've got a fit and aesthetic you like. You can keep the laces untied or tie them — whichever you prefer.

Do you tuck laces in? ›

The only purpose the laces serve is to keep your shoes tight on your feet. The best way to get rid of unsightly tied laces is to tuck them inside of your shoe.

Does vinegar whiten laces? ›

You can use white distilled vinegar (1 part vinegar to 1 part water), hydrogen peroxide (1 part peroxide to 4 parts water), or baking soda (1 part baking soda to 2 parts water) to whiten your laces instead of using bleach. A vinegar solution or baking soda mixture is safe on synthetic and natural materials.

What does bleach do to white shoelaces? ›

Too much exposure to the bleach can weaken the fibers of the shoelaces. Remove the laces from the bleach water and wash in the machine or by hand. Consider adding up to half a cup of bleach to the washing machine if the laces still look stained.


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