Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (2023)

Der Rip VanWinkle, who fell asleep in 1980 and woke up in 2014, might have been surprised to discover that this 14-year-old American girl was still enjoying 1970s hits like "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" and "Come and Get Your Love." "This summer,Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1it was the first soundtrack album of previously released songs to top the chartsbillboard200 albums thanks to the film's sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always lovingly recurring use of pop, rock and soul classics from the glory days of AM radio gold. HeYou're picking up a mixtapeDesde "I Want You Back" de Jackson 5 hasta "Moonage Daydream" de David Bowie, "Come and Get Your Love" de Redbone hasta "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" de Marvin Gaye y Tammi Terrell. ElsecondguardianThe 2017 soundtrack was just as good, highlighted by Fleetwood Mac, Glen Campbell, Looking Glass, and one of soul star Sam Cooke's best ballads.

In the thirdguardians Movie,Our hero, Star-Lord, encounters a Microsoft Zune player, an early 21st century artifact that allows for a richer, historically soundtrack. AsguardianDirectorJames Gunnsaid recently Rolling StoneDescribing the new film, he said, "It doesn't start with 'Come and Get Your Love.' It starts with Radiohead's acoustic version of 'Creep.' And it's a very different tone from the start than the other two movies."

To give credit to all the great music in these movies, we've created our final rankings for each song from all three movies.protector of the galaxysoundtrack. The criteria was simple: if the song is unbelievably good, it's at the top of the list; If it's just "very good," drop it down a notch, filling the bottom of the list with songs of moderate to low awesomeness. As the ever-wise Drax once said: "There are two kinds of beings in the universe: those who dance and those who don't."

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  • The feat of the Sneepers. David Hasselhoff

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (1)

    When I was littleGrowing up in the 1970sprotector of the galaxyDirector James Gunn loved that.Disk-Versionfromstar war1977 chart topping theme. the andguardia cSongwriter Tyler Bates fueled this mood with his disco version of the song.guardiantheme and gotknight riderYBaywatchLegend David Hasselhoff appears in the Campy video that was made of him. J.D.

  • los mowglis

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (2)

    One ofThe newest titles are displayed on eachguardianSoundtrack, Mowgli's 2012 single "San Francisco" is a jarring, uplifting barn with an energy so infectious it doesn't need more than a few "doo doo doos" for a hook. The nine-piece band wrote the song in a motel room one night. Happy neighbors. CP


    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (3)

    during this songby J-pop composer EHAMIC (real name: Mikito Ehara) was released in 2018, its vintage-looking components perfectly match the retro vibe ofguardian. The percussion, guitar riff, and snappy vocals sound like something straight out of the soundtrack of a wacky 1960s monster movie; the bass line has a disco punch; and there's an electronic setup that could be a muzak version of Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines." J.G.

  • Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (4)

    chicago rockTrio Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah has always maintained that "Lake Shore Drive" was inspired only by the grandeur of his hometown's famed north-south thoroughfare, and not by its acronym "nudge-nudge-wink." The lyrics really back this up, as does the leap of the music. No wonder Star-Lord put it on the tape deck for the first opening scene.Guardian Vol. 2.CP

  • do not believe anymore

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (5)

    The innovative singleof Bay Area hybrids, "Faith No More" is a mocking mockery of the self-serving grandeur of '80s pop star fundraisers like "Live Aid" and "We Are the World." While "Care" singer Chuck Mosley left the band in 1988, the track's distinctive bass and haunting synths, as well as its striking attitude toward squeaky-clean mainstream culture, remain hallmarks of the Faith aesthetic. No More. "It's a completely different band in a lot of ways: a completely different singer, it's played by a bunch of 21-year-old guys who are very naive, and you can hear the naivety in the music," said bassist Bill Gould.said in a 2016 interview. "It's very primitive in some ways, but at the same time it's interesting for people who know Faith No More now." MJ

  • alicia cooper

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (6)

    A standard variety showFirst published in 1917, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows was a huge hit for Charles W. Harrison in 1918, charted for Perry Como in 1946, received faithful performances from the likes of Julie Andrews and Judy Garland, and was ultimately smashed by a racy Alice Cooper on her second solo LPAlice Cooper goes to hell. It's still maudlin chant as ever, but Cooper's version makes it clear just how utterly depressing the lyrics are..CP

  • la la

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (7)

    during the chorusBritish post-punkers' 1983 song "The The" is one of fearless courage, its verses describing the kind of crippling depression that can only result from a life shaped by frustrated expectations. Plainful accordion and sizzling synths, along with vocalist Matt Johnson's biting rendition of verses, make This Is the Day an ideal reference point for"modern rock",the clever mix of post-punk, synthpop, and musical oddities that dominated America's left-wing playlists until the early '90s. MJ

  • plata

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (8)

    mix the dramaticStrings and juicy guitars of golden-era country-pop with a thumping chorus straight out of a record store's glam department—this 1976 recording was the onlybillboardHot 100 hit from the Los Angeles band Silver. (It had the Midas touch from Clive Davis, who co-produced the song as head of Silver's Arista label.) Comic book action scene chorus made "Wham Bam" an inspired soundtrack choiceGuardians of the Galaxy 2it's the climactic fight sequence that adds a bit of levity before the serious action begins. MJ

  • X

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (9)

    with the third guardiaJames Gunn included several tracks on the soundtrack that provide unmistakable evidence that he went to college in the 1980s. Here's one: "Poor Girl" is a tender moment from his 1983 album,More fun in the new world., probably a better choice for a superhero movie than other X classics like Sex and Dying in High Society or Johnny Hit and Run Pauline. J.D.

  • Jay and the Americans

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (10)

    The catchy tune from 1964"Come a Little Bit Closer" is one of the oldest songs in the world.guardianCanyon. Written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, it's a slightly Latino song about a guy in a Mexican cantina who, against his better judgment, decides to dance with a girl he just met, only to find her boyfriend José turning up, unhappy. with the situation. . InBd. 2The soundtrack is a jailbreak in which the space pirate Yondu, with an arrow that he controls with his voice and a large red fin on his head, kills dozens of enemies one by one. Combining a fun old throwaway pop song with chilling violence feels more like Tarantino than a summer blockbuster. —J.G.

  • the flaming lips

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (11)

    It makes sensethat Marvel's wildest franchise would eventually find its way to the standard bearers of post-millennial pop psychedelia. Still the most moving Flaming Lips song, "Do You Realize??" finds something human and temporal amidst the sprawling sci-fi wonderland, with Wayne Coyne sheepishly reminding us that we're all floating in space, even if our feet are standing on the ground. —CP

  • glen campbell

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (12)

    Allen Toussaint's catalogAs a producer (The Meters' "Cissy Strut," Dr. John's "Right Place, Wrong Time," Labelle's "Lady Marmalade") and performer alike, he defines New Orleans R&B. But while "Southern Nights," the title track from Toussaint's 1975 album, is still a hazy beauty, that's hardly the enduring version. That belonged to Glen Campbell, who in 1977 broke through the darkness, upped the tempo, launched a slide guitar, and took it to number one country.YPop and won a Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year for Toussaint. M. M.

  • blue swede

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (13)

    written by markJames (whose credits include Elvis Presley's latest number one, "Suspicious Minds") and originally a hit for B.J. Thomas in 1968-69, "Hooked on a Feeling" was brought back to fame by Blue Swede, a Scandinavian rock group who covered themselves in 1971.reggae versionthe tune of a Jamaican group called the Twinkle Brothers. It was first used in the trailer.guardian, a bit of music that made the audience realize that this was a Marvel movie that would sound like no other before it. J.G.

  • spoke head

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (14)

    there is a trendConsidering "Creep" a youth piece in the Radiohead catalog - alwaysThe curves, before the "real stuff". But in reality it's quite the opposite: "Creep" is a first glimpse of the band's full potential, a mess of pain and self-loathing with guitars that sound like a melting glacier. The celebrated acoustic rendition cuts the track to its core, putting Thom Yorke's vocals in the spotlight to devastating effect. (Can be heard further deconstructed with Yorke's ApocalypticNeunminütiger Remixfrom 2021.) CP

  • gato stevens

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (15)

    Cat Stevens' generational anxietyThe ballad underlines the moving final scene of the second part.guardianMovie that hits a nostalgic sweet spot for older movie night parenting buddies who grew up listening to their parents' copies.Tea for Tillerman. Stevens wrote it for an unfinished musical called "Revolussia book on the Russian Revolution, which he began working on in the late 1960s; She later said that it reflected his relationship with his father. J.D.

  • rainbow

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (16)

    As an ex-Argentinian guitaristRuss Ballard grabó Since You Been Gone en 1976Gain, had all the makings of a mid-'70s AOR gem: a sha-la-la-ready chorus, yearning lyrics of a lost love, a smooth keyboard line lost in the mix. Three years later, Ritchie Blackmore-fronted Rainbow polished up their proto-power metal sound a bit after the departure of founding musician Ronnie James Dio, and their heavier version of "Gone" showed just how easily pop could fit into its alloy. , with the new singer Graham Bonnet flaunts his impressive whistles and Blackmore delivers a smoothly virtuoso solo. MJ

  • space pig

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (17)

    Spacehogs „In the"Meantime" features one of the first '90s alt-rock radio opens: an instantly recognizable flash of guitar, a gradual build-up of guitar and drums, and then a howling, wordless chorus. The band are one-hit wonders, but in a very informal Arty Brit Pop way; "In the Meantime" includes a classic sample of the song "Phone and rubber band"by English avant-pop minimalists Penguin Cafe Orchestra. CP

  • Earth Wind and Fire

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (18)

    even though lateMaurice White was the initiator, leader and main producer of the extensive classic funk band Earth, Wind & Fire. Some of his most haunting songs come from arranger and co-producer Charles Stepney, who died in 1976. "We can't do that. We talk about 'Reasons,' 'That's the Way [of the World],' and many other songs without mentioning Charles Stepney. said Philip Bailey in 1986. "Because many of these melodies and chord changes are coming out of his basement, a four-track came along. ... Charles was just a musical genius, he really was." Stepney had composed the lively tune for " Reasons” on a Moog mini synthesizer, but it was Bailey's energetic performance on his sparkling falsetto that made the song, whose lyrics are wryly about a one-night stand, a standard for weddings and graduations. M. M.

  • George Harrison

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (19)

    George Harrison scoredthe first hit by a former Beatle when this divinely inspired excerpt from his masterpiece was releasedAll things must perishPress #1 on thebillboardHot 100 in late 1970. Harrison began writing the song in 1969 while on tour with blues-folk duo Delaney and Bonnie, borrowing the concept behind the yearning verses from a book by Indian monk Swami Vivekananda. "He Said: 'If there is a God, we must see it.' 'If there is a soul, we must see it,'" Harrison said.saidbillboardIt's Timothy White in 1992. “Otherwise, it is better not to believe. It's better to be an avowed atheist than a hypocrite'... I thought: 'Good, this is for me!' If there is a God, I want to see him." MJ

  • norman greenbaum

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (20)

    "ghost in"Sky" began its rise as songwriter Norman Greenbaum's folk demo, but it took off in the studio as producer Erik Jacobson fleshed it out with percussion, backing vocals and Greenbaum's unique Telecaster sound, provided by an onboard fuzz unit and, of course, therefore, it instantly sounded like a recognizable opening. riff The result was a slightly psychedelic gospel rock song written by a Jew inspired by his love of westerns. According to a 2020 studyRolling StoneIn an interview, Greenbaum said he knew of several funeral homes that used it in advertising.–J.G.

  • raspberries

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (21)

    A disarming power popThe Raspberries' 1972 hit "Go All the Way" hides a rousing and surprisingly approving chorus beneath a crisp outer layer of righteous proto-garage riffs. The Cleveland-based band drew ire for playing British Invasion-style rock in lily-white tuxedos, but the group's songs were pastiche at their finest, bringing together a myriad of influences into something immediately consumable..CP

  • Florence + The Machine

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (22)

    Florence + the Machine's 2009 hit single, included on the soundtrack ofBd. 3It's a powerful anthem that captures the terrifying emotion that invades the mind when a dream comes true, and the chorus of cheers and screams comes from Florence Welch, who tours London and finds inspiration in the details of her travels. "'Dog Days Are Over' was directly inspired byan art installation by artist Ugo RondinoneWelch told ArtistDirect in 2010. "He has an art installation on the side of this gallery in New York that just says, 'Damn!' Ugo had an installation on the side of another building that said, 'Dog Days Are Over ' That has inspired me every time I've ridden my bike across Waterloo Bridge and it basically sparked the whole song." MJ

  • Spiegel

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (23)

    mirror cutThey are set in the same Jersey shore club scene as Bruce Springsteen. After signing the band to Epic Records, label boss Clive Davis sent them to Memphis to record with Stax/Volt legend Steve Cropper. When that session didn't work out, they returned to New York to finish Brandy. “I liked the idea of ​​telling an entire story in two minutes and 59 seconds,” recalls Looking Glass lead singer and guitarist Elliot Lurie. He's done a good job of giving generations of beachside pubs a nautical classic to drunkenly sing along to as his emotions waver towards the end of the day. J.D.

  • Beastie Boys

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (24)

    A tough standoutfrom the disgusting early years of the Beasties: a time to remember, when many thought Brooklyn was just this side of the country instead of sleek, modern Manhattan. Instead, the rappers celebrated themselves: "Never fake metal!" they yelled (even as theVideo parodiado Poison and Whitesnakeclips) before Slayer's Kerry King pulls off a climactic solo, though his over-the-top persona at the time would have Mike D admit, "I think if I wasn't in the Beastie Boys I'd definitely hate some of it." ." M. M.

  • obispo elvin

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (25)

    "The melody isnice," Gamora informs Star-Lord as she performs her "Fooled Around and Fell in Love." It really is. Elvin Bishop was a veteran blues rocker whose career stretched back to the mid-1960s when he played in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band Knowing he had something special with the great "Fooled Around and Fell in Love", he gave lead vocals to singer Mickey Thomas, concerned that his own gruff voice wouldn't fit such a smooth song. J.D.

  • The replacements

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (26)

    Like the third album by Replacements,HootenannyAs the mastering session progressed, the band's lead singer/songwriter Paul Westerberg called manager Peter Jesperson and told him, "I just finished the best song I've ever written. We have to record it now." It was too late to add anything to the finished album, so it was the lynchpin of 1984's next masterful album.let it be. When Jesperson first heard "I Will Dare," his reaction, "It was so instantly catchy," he told Replacements biographer Bob Mehr, soon blared all over college underground radio before spreading to more circles. big.Galaxy. —M. M.

  • red bone

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (27)

    Half Mexican, Half LocalAmerican brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas had a fascinating musical background long before they formed the band Redbone, playing everything from jazz to surf music to 1960s rock & roll.work session. They only achieved lasting success as a group, but it stands as tall as the tree of the same name: an instantly appealing call-and-response classic. (Two decades later, eurodance unit Real McCoy crashed with an equally cheesy synth-house remake.) like redboneput the song on tvMitternachts-Especial, preceded the song with nearly a minute of Native American dancing as the Vegas brothers performed in full regalia..MM .

  • The fugitives

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (28)

    All girl band from Los AngelesThe Runaways' debut single "Cherry Bomb" threw a red grenade into the world of '70s power-pop and glamor, following the Ramones hit song "Blitzkrieg Bop" by roughly a month and heralding the explosion. popularity of punk for almost a month. year in. Written by Joan Jett, one of the greatest rock stars of all time, and Runaways executive Kim Fowley, one of theless coolPeople in music history, "Cherry Bomb" actually functioned as theguardianready for their final battle with Ronan the Accuser. J.G.

  • 10cc

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (29)

    the members of10cc first met in the early '70s as session musicians in Manchester, England. "I'm Not in Love" is as smooth as soft rock has ever been, gliding in little more than a small Fender piano, a bass drum played on a Moog synthesizer and the group's breathy, almost ghostly vocals. They used ribbon loops to add subtle accents to it.uhhin a shimmering layered chorus-like feel, and arrived at an artfully light sound that anticipated the sophisticated ambient textures of bands like Stereolab, Broadcast and Air by some two decades. J.D.

  • Dulce

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (30)

    Even from the weirdness of the 1970sBy American standards, The Sweet were an odd band with a confusing discography and many US and UK albums with the same name but different songs. Many of their early hits were written by power pop-minded producers.nicky chinnYmike chapmanand aimed at the glamorous community of fans. Other singles were written by the band themselves, but were often produced by Chinn and Chapman in a heavier key. At times, the band was sure: The 1974 album version of this monster is much heavier than the better-known 1975 re-recording, featuring a cheesy-inspired synth entry, a rubberier sound, and fewer guitar solos. They're both great: likable drummer Mick Tucker always created great parts and the lyrics are extremely about a groupie. J.G.

  • Rupert Holmes

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (31)

    Louche in theOn the surface, but utterly romantic at heart, the incessantly catchy reggae-pop song "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" condenses the pinnacle of the '70s and '80s into four laid-back minutes: close your eyes and you can see the lamps Tiffany. and see the ferns that adorn O'Malley's, the bar where Rupert Holmes and his personal ad correspondent set up his first date. The letter writer knows his wife, resulting in a furry story that would be a hit at any big party. Holmes' embarrassed delivery, tufted electric guitar, and jubilant chorus make "Escape" a source of campy solace, ideally suited to Star-Lord as a decompression soundtrack as he savors the return of his Walkman In.guardian' First installation. MJ

  • David Bowie

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (32)

    david bowie whata funny guy, in every way: he liked them, he wrote one, and had several written about him. And what is Ziggy Stardust if not a living comic book hero? "Moonage Daydream" is Bowie's best space cadet song in a career he's had a lot of. He cut two versions of this classic. The first is a comparatively tough workout with a band called Arnold Corns. The latest, best-known version with Spiders From Mars has it all: an epic opening riff, pianos and acoustic guitars and stacked strings, lyrics about electric eyes and ray guns, and a Mick Ronson solo that's pure solar flare. It's also the perfect song for the soundtrack.guardianThe heroes fly to a mining colony built around the colossal skull of a space god. J.G.

  • the five stages

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (33)

    as a wayTo get you pumped up and distract your opponent before the showdown happens, there's no better way to crank up Chicago family band Five Stairsteps' 1970 soul-pop hit "O-o-h Child," and Star-Lord does just that. when confronted by Ronan the Accuser. in the firstguardianRate. He even has the moves to match the given lyrics, which inspired him to ask for a dance call, prompting his "big fucking flower" of an enemy to divert attention away from him long enough. —MJ

  • Hertz

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (34)

    A radio rock classicOver the past six decades, "Crazy on You" has largely transitioned from sonic prelude to thunderous electric lust, a rousing ode to lots of sex before leaving for Vietnam, or as a teenage safety valve against the chaos of riots. of the 1970s. Prior to its use inBd. 3,Serving as a television and film soundtrack since the early 1980s, Loco has come to symbolize unstoppable female desire since the 1981 cult film.pop americanoto the impressive performance of Sofia CoppolaThe Suicides of the Virgin, and of course,Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle. J.G.

  • sam cooke

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (35)

    "He is SamCooke... one of the greatest singers on Earth of all time," Peter Quill tells Gamora as he pulls her closer and introduces her to the dance concept in part one.guardianmovie. While some might argue about Quill's qualifications, does Cooke top the list of the best in the galaxy, if not the universe? - There's no denying that the gospel-tinged Bring It on Home to Me, released just two weeks after Cooke recorded it in the spring of 1962 with an 18-piece backing band, remains one of his finest albums. pop, are descriptions of longings. MJ

  • Bruce Springsteen

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (36)

    a song about itDesperation and need are so unstoppably anxious that they become an anthem of determination and hope against all odds. Badlands opens Bruce Springsteen's fourth album.Darkness on the outskirts of the city, with Stevie Van Zandt of the E Street Bandcalled“A kind of warrior heroism.” In “Badlands,” Springsteen shifted his attention away from stories about Jersey kids with New York dreams and focused on America's heartland, where it's said warrior heroes are sometimes born. J.D.

  • Marvin Gaye y Tammi Terrell

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (37)

    marvin gayeTammi Terrell sounds about to take on the world with this song, and it's not just because of the lyrics: the fervor in their vocals is compelling and compelling, fueled by one of Motown's most haunting arrangements. Writing duo Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson were experts at musical melodrama, like the heady mix of movie accents and gospel phrases, but the real driving force behind the song comes from bassist James Jamerson. He takes command from the first hit and never gives up, relentlessly ready to push himself up the mountain. MM

  • electric light orchestra

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (38)

    it was impossibleforBd. 2 tonso Have an opening scene as surprising and joyous as Star-Lord dancing around an ancient planet to Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love" in the first partguardianstripes, but with the wonderfully sunny “Mr. Blue Sky” to kick offBd. 2It was pretty good. The 1977 song has always had a space cadet vibe: Jeff Lynne's snappy lyrics about nothing, that breathy cello part, and a vocoder broadcast from Mars. Thirteen-year-olds who didn't know Jeff Bezos' Jeff Lynne became ELO fans overnight as our heroes battled giant monsters and an unsuspecting Baby Groot blasted his way through laser beams and flying tentacles..J.G.

  • jackson 5

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (39)

    the premise ofLoading up a Marvel movie with classic titles could have resulted in an endless stream of "I give it!" Dropping the Needle Instead, they save the greatest hits for when they really need them, like the opening song of the first film, in which Baby Groot is gradually coaxed into dancing to the Jacksons' immortal "I Want You Back." 5. The track remains undeniable from that opening cascade, carried by the best walking bass line in the galaxy. —CP

  • Fleetwood Mac

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (40)

    the mighty heartfrom Fleetwood Mac's masterpiece,rumorsgradually taking shape. "[It started] as a song in Sausalito", guitarist and vocalistLindsey Buckingham le dijo a Cameron Crowe de Rolling Stonein 1977. "We decided it needed a bridge, so we cut a bridge and pasted it into the rest of the song. We didn't get any vocals and left it on several tracks for a long time. It almost fell off the album. Then we listened again and we decided we liked the bridge but not the rest of the song. ... The ending was the only thing left of the original piece. We ended up naming it 'The Chain' because it was made up of so many pieces.' But it perfectly reflected a band that it nearly self-destructed in the making of the album, and it held its own as an anthem of romantic resistance. MM

  • cheap trick

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (41)

    an ode hymnGiven the bizarre chaos of the 1970s, "Surrender" is a rallying cry, a statement of intent for any Generation Xer (and their parents) who seemed a little weird. Nothing about the slightly warlike opening percussion, thumping guitar and shimmering synth prepare you for Robin Zander's sly yelling about how his mom is teaching him to avoid STDs. The chorus turns into an all-time great life advice: "Surrender/But don't give yourself away." Not only is it Cheap Trick's best single, it's arguably the best power pop song of all time..J.G.

  • Parliament

    Every Song From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtracks, Ranked (42)

    "we need blows YMadness,” George Clinton explained in 1978 to the P-Funk empire he ran. “Madness gives more resistance. We both have to face each other, win and stay on top." And the craziest P-Funk beat of all time remains “Flash Light,” the monster bass that closed out Parliament's 1977 classic.Spark Teleechy vs. Placebo Syndromeand, as Clinton put it, P-Funk's "first serious and conscious attempt to record a hit single." It certainly pulled it off: "Flash Light" was number one on Billboard's soul chart for six weeks in 1978, thanks to a stacked, melt-in bassline played by keyboardist Bernie Worrell on his Moog synthesizer. M. M.

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