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An adjective is a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun. There are many different adjectives that can be used to describe a bear, depending on what specific traits or qualities are being emphasized. Here are some examples of adjectives that can be used to describe a bear:

  • "Grizzled" refers to a bear with a gray or silver coat, usually due to age.
  • "Hibernation" describes a bear that is in a period of hibernation during which it sleeps for long periods and does not eat or drink.
  • "Gourmet" refers to a bear that has a very strong appetite and eats large amounts of food.
  • "Wild" describes a bear that is aggressive or hostile and can be dangerous to humans or other animals.
  • "Lone" refers to a bear that lives alone and not in a group or with a mate.
  • "Nimble" describes a bear that is fast and agile, able to move easily in its environment.

There are many other adjectives that can be used to describe a bear, depending on the context and specific characteristics highlighted. Some additional examples might be "massive", "powerful", "curious", or "fun". Ultimately, the choice of adjective depends on the author's purpose and the desired tone or emphasis of the writing.

Urban Dictionary: Bear

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (1)

They may be big but they have a gentle soul. In a quarter of an hour there was a pause; then people began to think that it was time for the terrible bear of Asturias to appear. Many seals were seen; A young bear was shot and Walker photographed it lying on our deck with the dogs crawling to lick up the blood. The great white bear seemed to be tormented by the heat, moving its head and body in strange and fantastic ways and greedily drinking the water it was given. When describing people, we might use adjectives like friendly, considerate, or helpful. Stewart, New Yorker, March 8. As Mari-lou-a said in a now-deleted comment, according to Ursine: of or belonging to one or more bears.


Words to describe bears

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (2)

How do you describe the bear? In the twenty years that Haught hunted there, he saw several blue bears and killed two. Still, smaller animals are afraid of us, and the carcass of a dead bear is a feast for many hungry things. Another, not far from the juggler, was seriously leading a large bear to dance on its hind legs, while his coadjutor kept time on the flageolet. An example usage of "bearbear": We found that much of the evidence supports a bear origin for the giant panda. Giant Pandas: Biology and Conservation Another synonym could be "bear-like". I peered through some holes on one side and saw nothing; so I went to a big hole on the other side of the tent and saw a huge bear outside the door.


adjectives for bear

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (3)

We all know adjectives. The polar bear differs from its relatives, at least generally, in its size and its white or yellowish-white color. In an instant, Archie had his brother on his back and carried him to a spot by the river and hid him in a hole under the bank where they used to play with grizzly bears and hunters. Animals are so cute! It was quite a large bear: but the black beast looked to be no more than two-thirds the size of Guard; and the closer we got to it, the more we doubted its nature. Noun Traffic in Knoxville, Tennessee, can be a bear at any time, but late spring congestion on Neyland Drive is often caused by Canada geese. The small ice boat, held by two laughing and screaming girls, raced across the frozen surface of the Big Bear River.


Definition and meaning of the bear

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (4)

Noozak, his mother, was an old bear and, like an old person, suffered from rheumatism and a desire to sleep late. He found a bear trail and lay down on it until he heard the bushes crack and saw several grizzly bears coming down the trail. Who is to blame for this tragedy? She tells the storyteller all about herself after dinner; then she says, "Do you know any stories about little bears? Almost at his feet lay the great white wolf, the yellow lion, and the shaggy bear, all snoring in unison. The king found all this devastating, so he sent his eldest daughter, and the white bear carried her on his back and went away with her.


adjective for "bear"

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (5)

They let him go unharmed; other bears tolerate it and let it eat their meat if it appears; the white man kills him. The goblets were polished to reflect the light like mirrors, and the gleaming bear and tiger skins showed no sign of distress. As the earth turned year after year and the pole turned with it, the little bear turned and turned on its tail. Many men who lack one or all of these traits define themselves as bears, making the term very vague. The paws, front and back, are wide and, with their long, hairy covering, excellent for preventing the polar bear from sinking into the snow. But bears have dominated market sentiment for so long since the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates last February that traders believe the market is headed for a major tectonic shift... —Anthony Ramirez, New York Times, July 19, 1994 Hikers in the woods are far more likely to carry a bell to deter bears than to guard against bees. Five minutes ago, I had no intention of fighting anyone and I had absolutely no reason to fight that particular bear.


RhymeZone: Adjectives for bear

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (6)

A few steps away from Joco, a young woman was sitting on the floor and tenderly caressing a light-colored teddy bear. A bear muzzled on its hind legs on Nicolson Street or in Sciennes was an exotic sight rarely seen and hard to forget. We could say that an animal is adorable, wild or lazy. It is, without a doubt, a mechanical bear - a creature that roars and runs at the touch of a button. Again they pretended that Jan was a big bear and he really enjoyed running after the kids as they ran away like they were really scared of him.


Words to describe the bear

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (7)

Yes, your optics shine like a pig, Russian bear; It glows with true bear joy. Despite its strength and ferocity, the Eskimos often kill the polar bear, as they value its meat and blubber, and highly value its fur. Maybe it's because we see animals differently than humans. And, of course, to describe people and animals. Impatience, Scold and Nagging are three black bears who make everyone feel bad and look ugly. Older than Columbus, sick with the rigors of the voyage, offended by his snubs from the sovereigns, he could take no more.


Over 250 adjective words to describe animals

✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (8)

. Soon a black bear followed them and staggered onto the beach. Carew looked around the clearing to see if another bear was nearby, but it was obvious the creature had come alone. And just like humans, you probably have a few favorite adjectives that you use to describe your favorite animals. Between three and four in the morning the weather cleared and the two adventurers were seen at a considerable distance from the ship attacking a giant bear. Like a bear's. Verb A stone slab with 3,000-year-old writing previously unknown to scholars has been found in the Mexican state of Veracruz, and archaeologists say it is an example of the oldest writing ever discovered in the western hemisphere.


✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (9)

However, the word "bear" has many meanings for different people, even within the bear movement. The villagers' screams brought Joco to his senses, and with a gamble-worthy move, he got the teddy bear to its feet. But when we describe animals, we often use different adjectives. Criminals must take full responsibility for the deaths of these innocent people. Imagine the surgeon... looking through the electron microscope, fixing the sickle cell gene and returning the egg to its mother, who would then give birth to a normal child. Or it could be because we have different feelings towards animals and humans.


✨ Adjective word for bear. More than 250 adjective words to describe animals. 2022-10-29 (10)

A cinnamon bear weighing about eight hundred kilograms planted its left hind leg in the pit of its stomach as it galloped toward the forest. A Accipitrina Acciptrina Alligator Amphibian Anatino Androgynous Anguino Anserine Ant Anthropoid Any Wild Animal Ape Apian Apiary Apic Aquatic Aquiline Arachnine Arboreal Articulated Asexual Asinine Avine B Badger Bat Batrachian Bear Bee Best Bird of Breed Bison Bovine Buffalo Buffalo Bull Butterfly C Caged Calf Camel Cameline Cancrine Canine Goat Captive Cat Centipede Cervine Cetacea Cetacea Chicken Cold Blooded Colubrino Corvina Common Cow Crab Crocodile Crocodile Crow, Cygnine Crow Deer Delphine Dipterous Daynal Dog Dolphin Domestic Donkey Dune Drone Drowny And Eagle Worm Elapine Elephant Elephantine Moose Endemic Equine Eusuchian Extinct F Hawk Hawk Feathered Cat Feral Piglet Ferret Fish Fluffy Flying Fly Fox Freshwater Frog Hairy G Gallin Gastropod Goat Giant Goose Large Sociable Gull H Hare Hawk Helminthian Greater Hippo Hircine Hirundine Hornet Domestic Horse Ho Trained by Uso Hys tricine I J L Jellyfish Indigenous Juvenile Lacertine Larine Leopard Leonine, Panther Leporine Lesser Leverine Lion Lizard Lumbricine Lupine M Man-Eater Adult Mangy Monkey Mongoose Migratory Mouse Musteline Myrmecine N O Native Naturalized Nocturnal Nocturnal Omnivore Ostracine Ostrich Ewe Otarine Oyster P Parasit Pardine Passerine Pavonine Peacock Pedigree Pet Petrified Phocine Picine Pieridine Pierine Pigmy Piscine Poisonous Polymorphous Porcine Porcin Porcupine Porcupine Tumbler Predatory Proboscidean Proboscine Pteropine Purebred Breed Pigmy R Rabbit Ranine Rat Rogue S Sable Saltwater Scaly Sciurine Scolopendrine Scyphozoan Seal Serpentine Sheep Shrew Shy Simian Sciurine Cobra Social Simian Cobra Soricine Sparrow Spider Spineless Squirrel Strutionine Suilline Stuffed Swallow Swan Pig Tame Taurine Temperate Territory Testudine Tiger Endangered Tiger Toad Rtoise Tolerant Transgenic Tufted U V Ursine untrained Vermian Vespine Vi pro Viperine Vi tuline Viverrine Vulpine Vulturine Vulturine W Warmblooded Wasp Weasel Webbed Webbed Well Behaved Whale Wild Wilderness Winged Wolf Woodpecker Worm Z Zebra Zebrine Zibeline Final Verdict Read: 150+ Adjective Words to Describe Nice As you can see, there are a variety of adjectives that can be used ​to describe animals. It has short, broken limbs and small bears like to walk up and down on it, as do big bears because it gives them movement and keeps them trained to climb real trees. Once or twice he tried to talk to me, but I wasn't in the mood for that, being a grumpy old man and sometimes without good manners. Finally, a huge bear suddenly came out of the shelter of the pine forest right in front of him. They do the funniest things and sometimes even make us laugh out loud. It was the only bear we ever met, and we've been through all those mountains, though mostly on the Greylock side.



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