21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (2023)

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (1)Nobody likes to scrub through the Sunday papers with scissors in hand and tryfind offersund Clip-Coupons.

With our list of the best coupon websites, you don't have to.

ThisMoney saving appsand websites make it quick and easy to find the latest and greatest coupons and promotional codes, whether you want shopping coupons for shopping or virtual coupon codes to use online.

So if you're as frugal as we are, using coupon sites before you go shopping is a must.

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What are the best coupon sites?

Whether you are lookingPrintable shopping vouchers, digital coupons and promotional codes to use online or save, there are manyPlaces where you can get couponsto save money on your purchases.

Here are some of the best and our most popular sites for good coupons.

1.Rakuten(formerly eBates)

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (2)

Not exactly a coupon site, but a way to buy things cheap.

It is a kind of coupon website that not only saves you money but also makes you money!

eBates (now known as Rakuten) is one of thebest reimbursement sitesout there. Receive between 3% and 10% cashback on products from more than 1000 online retailers. Refund rates can sometimes be as high as 40%!

Even if you can't find a coupon for what you're looking for, this system ensures you're paying less than full price for what you're buying.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (3)

What better place to look for coupons than encoupons.com, a catchy name for the provider of the largest number of digital coupons in America.

It's easily one of the best sites for coupons. There are literally thousands of listings for just about anything you want to buy including household items, groceries, clothing and cosmetics.

To sue

All you have to do is enter your zip code and the website will automatically search for offers in your area.

You can review and choose what you want and print coupons as needed to take to stores.

You can even get coupons.com as an app for yoursAndroidĂ–IPhone.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (4)

Another major online discount site, RetailMeNot.com, is full of coupons and deals.

It offers an online community for you to get feedback on how well the coupons are working and users can also submit their own coupons.

Once again there is oneApplication available for smartphones.

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RetailMeNot.com has coupons for over 130,000 local and online stores.

If you want to receive the latest discount codes and offers by email, you can sign up for yoursHot-Coupons-Newsletter.

4.red plum(RetailMeNot every day)

To update: RedPlum will be discontinued and renamed "RetailMeNot Everyday".

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (5)

You're probably familiar with the Red Plum coupon booklet that you get in the mail or sometimes in a newspaper.

RedPlum.com is the online version and often has the same offerings, albeit in a much easier to browse form.

They usually give out the new coupons on Sunday mornings, so it's best to check to make sure you're getting what you want.

They also have a service called Clip Free that allows you to load coupons onto loyalty cards.

5.smart font

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (6)

Sunday newspapers are from Smart Source, which is owned by News America Marketing.

Again, this is the online version and will have many of the same offers.

You can search for local specialties by zip code.

6.Buy at home

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (7)

ShopAtHome has thousands of printable coupons including discounts.

It also offers many deals online.

There is a toolbar that you can install in your browser that will monitor every website you visit and let you know if any coupons or deals are available.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (8)

It's a good idea to visit Savings.com before you buy anything as there are many brand name coupon codes and store coupons out there.

It offers a simple search box, or you can search by category.

They also encourage you to contribute to the savings community if you have coupon codes or tips.

8.elegant offers

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (9)

Another community-focused site, Slick Deals invites everyone to submit their coupons and deals for others to use.

In fact, the popularity of coupons is ranked by community votes. The best ones make it to the homepage, but you can search by store or category to find the ones you want.

9.Crazy Coupon Lady

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (10)

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TKCL is a leading national money saving website that teaches extreme coupon strategies!

This is a site that all couponers, novices and pros alike, should follow.

The site is run by two ladies who know how to use coupons and are very good at it.

It is updated daily and is always packed with the latest coupons and promotions.

And if you need more reasons why you should use KCL, read mineKrazy Coupon Lady review.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (11)

Swagbucks is probably the best online survey and rewards site, but you may not know that they also have a great coupons section (some of which you can print out and use offline!).

The best part about using Sweagbcuks coupons is that not only will you save money by using the coupons but you will also earn points for every coupon you printEarn cashback purchasesthrough the Swagbucks shopping portal which contains hundreds of stores including Walmart, eBay, Target, Amazon and many more.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (12)

Another website with a large database of current and working coupon codes.

It has more than 44,104 active coupons with dozens being added every day.

You will also find more than 10,000 free shipping offers.

The average savings per user is estimated at $27.

If you can't find it on Frugaa.com, you probably don't need it!

12social life

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (13)

This is an amazing site especially for those of us who love to support local businesses as it focuses on local shopping.

You can find discounts and promotional codes for hundreds of thousands of local stores.

They also have a "Shop" section with tons of great deals.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (14)

Hip2Save.com is a website for coupons and more.

Offers a daily newsletter and includes offers, coupons and freebies.

Check out those tooHip2Save-App.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (15)

The Deal News homepage boasts of only having the best deals and prominently displaying the best deals.

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Deal News is also available as an app and offers deals on computers, electronics, clothing and home and garden supplies.

15.coupon cause

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (16)

This is a great site that offers coupons and deals for over 10,000 brands. When you shop in a store

But giving you some of the best deals you can find anywhere is not what makes this a great site. If you're a socially conscious person and like charities, you'll be happy to know that CouponCause donates a portion of its profits to charity.

Using this website is beneficial for everyone! Not only can you save a lot of money with some of the best promo codes and coupons they offer, but it also helps raise money for charities around the world.

sixteen.Brad's offers

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (17)

This website features deals curated by its editors across a wide range of stores and items. You can select Latest Deals, Most Popular Deals or Brad's Picks.

The best deals also rotate on a slider at the top of the home page.

There are 3,800 stores listed, and you can find printable and online coupons.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (18)

Nobody likes to pay shipping costs!

And FreeShipping.com is here to help you avoid those dreaded shipping costs.

Freeshipping.com has expanded beyond its original idea of ​​simply showing you where you don't have to pay shipping costs.

Now they're offering 10% off thousands of items if you buy through their links (something like eBates.com).Free Shippingand other coupons.

However, you have to sign up and it will cost you $12.97 per month, although there is a 7-day free trial period.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (19)

I'm sure you've heard of Groupon by now.

Groupon focuses on saving you money with local deals and coupons.

Sometimes you can save up to 70% or more on products and services.

19Amazon Coupons

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (20)

Amazon is famous for itsOffers all year roundas well as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday promotions.

But there is also a coupon section where you can find codesSave even more money when you shop on Amazon.

But do you know what's weird about that?

Most people don't even know they exist!

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But now you do!

To find it, simply visit Amazon's coupons section and browse the available coupons there, or do a quick search.

20blink price

21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (21)

Price Blink is a browser plugin that you can easily add to your browser that looks for lower prices when you shop.

The plugin is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

It stays hidden until you're on a shopping site, then it pauses to let you know if it's found a better deal.

It's like having access to the latest and greatest coupons without spending hours searching for them.


21 Best Coupon Sites in 2023 (Save up to 90%) - MoneyPantry (22)

There are manyCoupon Appsand browser plugins available, but Honey is special.

If you hate finding coupons that work and prefer it to be automatic, you want Honey. I know this post is about coupon websites and not apps or plugins, but at the end of the day we all want to use coupons that save us the most money no matter how we get them.

How many times have you found a coupon online only to enter it at checkout, only to find it's expired or doesn't work for that particular item?

If, like me, you do most of your shopping online, you've probably looked into it a few times, if nothing else.

Well, honey shakes it off. Automatically find and apply the best coupon. That way you'll always know you're using the coupon or promotional code that will save you the most money on each deal.

All you have to do is install and activate the Honey plugin. Then, every time you shop online, Honey automatically scours the web and applies the best coupons at checkout until it finds the one that works and brings you the most savings.

It really is a no brainer!


When we originally published this post, the list contained a few more sites, but like any business, some of them don't last long, mainly because they don't make it profitable. The following pages are no longer operational, but we keep the text here for archival reasons.


To update: Out of business!

What I love about this site is that you don't even have to sign up for an account to access the coupons.

You can just search for any coupon, copy the code and use it to shop.

It offers printable coupons that you can take to stores and online coupons for your Internet purchases.

There is a wide variety of coupons so you might find what you need on this site.


To update: Out of business!

FatWallet has sale pages including computers and electronics, clothing and tools.

Simply select a store or offer, click on the appropriate retailer, buy and redeem coupons and save.

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Again, there is an app that keeps you up to date on current offers.

bottom line

We started this post with a look at the best coupon websites and eventually expanded the scope to include other websites that can save you money while shopping.

And that's the beauty of it. You don't have to just use coupons. You can combine the offers of these top coupon sites with free shipping and cashback from sites like eBates (now Rakuten) to save even more.


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